5 Steps to $50 every 24 hours

5 Steps to $50 every 24 hours
  1. Choose a program or product that you can make money directly from. No matrix or referral programs. This is to make sure every sale goes directly to you. Try Clickbank, JVzoo, or similar sites: www.clickbank.com www.jvzoo.com If you were to create your own program or product, you would promote it with the following steps as well.
  1. Always get prepared to promote your bizopp or product with your own webpage. Many landing pages are not very effective if effective at all. You can get your own webpage with the following free sites: www.wix.com www.jimdo.com With your own webpage, you can promote any program in your own way. Take the best parts of the program and use them as an idea as to how to best promote it. What to do next? Well, let’s move on to step three.
  1. Your webpage must have a video or a very convincing payment proof. Some programs sell themselves and do not need much change at all. But most programs cannot truly sell by themselves. You may get a sale or two, but only promotion gets you any real profit. For instance, if you advertise a bizopp that says “click here and get $100 today for free in your Paypal account!”, this would not need much selling. However, for the opportunities that need a little persuasion, it’s always good to have a video explaining the program. The best kind of video is when you are explaining the program yourself in front of the camera. Camera shy? Well, unfortunately, whether you are or not, you have to get used to it. But if video is just not your thing, you’d better have convincing payment proof. This method has its ups and downs. It’s good to have, but if you’re advertising a program for the first time payment proofs can be pretty dishonest. Unless it can make you money without advertising it, of course. Make sure that if the payment proof is not yours, that you make it obvious that it is not yours, BUT that it’s still real proof, even if it’s someone else’s. That way you can still be honest about the money that has been made with the program. A good video and convincing payment proof is a great combination.
  2. 5 Steps to $50 every 24 hours
  1. Choose the cheapest advertising package of any traffic exchange. When you start to advertise your program, you want to choose the cheapest advertising you can to test the power of your completed program. Usually, if you get one or two sales with the cheapest package, it means that your program is quite effective. Yes, it could also be just good fortune, but you will never know until you move on to a higher advertising package. Note: If you get no sales with the lowest advertising package, it does NOT mean that your program is not going to be successful and vice versa. If you really believe in your program, try a higher package whether it gets sales on the cheapest package or not. Here are some great places to advertise for cheapness and effectiveness: Paidverts, Neobux etc.
  1. Make sure your product is about $7.00 or less. There’s just something about a cheap, effective program. They don’t cost much money and you don’t expect much value out of them…but you purchase the program to gain any moneymaking edge you possibly can. I have personally learned much of what I know from purchasing these cheap, moneymaking programs. The set price should be set at $7.00 or less because it seems that any program that is $8.00 or more feels like too much to most people, depending on the program.

So that’s it! A little confused about these 5 steps? Remember to email me with any questions! Email: tayebatradersepz@gmail.com


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