Bellal earned a million dollars by selling sweet and spicy betel

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Sometimes a man in a house, while working in the street, the livelier youth Billal sells his betel-leaf to the millionaire. Because he never wished to save his life, he never shortened his work. When he got the job he did it seriously.

Billal now sells sweet spicy betel in a betel-leaf shop in Baridia Aarong Bazar of Matlab south upazila. At least 20 thousand of his spicy betel are sold in his shop. Apart from all costs, its average daily income is five to seven thousand taka. In this way he is now a millionaire.

Billal, 38, a young man born in a poor family of Baridia Aarang Bazar area of ​​Matlab South upazila, is now 38 years old. He said that after completing his writing till the fifth grade, he used to work in the house of Zahudder and Aarong Bazar in the house of 10 years of age. After passing the age of 15 years, Chandpur-Matlab used to run Baby Taxi on the road.
After the training, he also worked as a private car, Maxi and the bus driver in the same area. After doing some work this year, after going to Dubai with a driving visa in 2008, after saving some money. There he was given work instead of driving. Camel rearing in the Mazara area of ​​Dubai. From three months there is learned techniques from making these sweet spicy drinks from Pakistanis. Three months later Billal came to Dubai from the country Bilal

Then Matlab started selling 50 thousand taka in aang market and bought a delicious drink.
He said that most of the spices used in this pond have to be bought from Riazuddin Bazar of Chittagong or from Tanti Bazar of Dhaka. He said that at least 500 sweet spices were consumed every day and more than 200 to 300 pounds of spices were sold at his shop. Apart from Matlab North and South upazilas, there are regular customers of Chandpur, Hajiganj, Hymarchar, Raipur, Ramgonj of Lakshmipur. Many people take orders by phone and send them. Many times, many people get married at the wedding or on different occasions. His betel-leaf can be eaten in refrigerator for two or three days.

Tariq Mahmud, a regular drinker in Matlab Bardia area, said people came from a distance far outside the area to betel the sweet spicy betel-leaf of Billal. Because of the crowd, many times customers have to go back.

Among the spices that are given in the spices of 30 spores, the pollen contains a significant amount of pollen, ammonia, cherries, black pepper, nuts, kimmis, morbo, coconut, milk, and so on. With his income, the physically handicapped mother, wife and two daughters bought four percent of the land costing around Tk 10 lakh for taking a son’s family. He said that the cost of savings in the month of the month is Rs. I will keep my children alive. But this betel-leaf will not be sold off.