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Cheap Website Hosting: How Cheap?

Hosting prices have changed drastically in the last 10 – 15 years. Initially, $ 8.95 per month was considered cheap with basic features. Then the price is $ 7.95, then $ 6.95, $ 5.95 per month and less.

If you see some of the below prices, I’ve selected the following – you’ll notice today that a few shared hosting services are $ 1 less per month.

Quick fun facts and statistics

We are discussing here country wise some hosting company and their hosting price

<> Average price $24 / month for 4.84-month subscription, $36 / month for 4.77-month subscription.

<> On average, Australia hosting companies (sample size 22) charge $7.20 / month for their cheap plans.

<> On average, UK companies (sample size of 54) charge $4.45 / month for their cheap plans.

<> On average, US companies (sample size 228) charge $ 5.05 / month for their cheap plans.

<> On average, Indian companies (sample size 9) charge 1.56 / month for their cheap plans.

<> Theoretically, you can host a site as low as $ 0.30 a month. Almost free speech “Price only for those who you use” price models allow users to host a non-production site at $ 0.01 / day.

In a nutshell: Considering “budget hosting”, a hosting plan should not cost more than $5 / month.

But wait, hosting the cheapest hosting plan may not be right for you

There are a number of things you need to consider when selecting a web hosting service. Price is just one of these factors.

<> Other criteria include hosting uptime, server speed, security features, software version, sales support, etc.; that you need to see.

<> A good budget host should come up with enough server resources to host at least one low traffic (~ 1,000 visits per day) website.

<> The hosting plan includes basic server maintenance features, email services, easy installers for popular scripts, latest versions of PHP and MySQL, live-chat tech support, 99.9% server uptime (but not limited to), and reasonable server network speed.

<> Some budget hosting companies encrypt the SSA activation by providing regular server backup, automatic malware scanning, additional dedicated IP as well as one-click. These features are excellent but they are like “bonuses”. I fully understand whether the hosting companies are charging extra users for malware scanning or backup-and-recovery features.

This brings us to the next question- Who is the best budget hosting solution.

Considering the 10 Best Cheap Hosting (2018 Contextual Planning)

To date, we have tested and reviewed many hosting companies. To create this list, we’ve compared the cheap hosting plans from different organizations and we liked 10 wells according to our review.

 01. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is reliable, feature rich, and affordable price.

Launch plan starts at $3.99 / month. It hosts 2 websites (generous credentials) and free domain, SSH access, PHP 7 support, full support for cron and ruby and $ 150 free advertising credit (for US users only – Google AdWords and Yellow Pages). What’s more – if you are a subscriber for the first time, InMotion hosting will help people transfer your site for free.

I InMotion Hosting is not only the best cheap host but also the best hosting provider in the market. For this reason, I hosted the hosting of your important sites, including the one I’m reading right now, on Incoming Hosting. This site you are reading right now has been hosted at InMission VPS.

 Professional InMotion Hosting

>> Perfect server performance, uptime> 99.95% TTFB ~ 400ms

>> Free domain name for the first year

>> Better live chat and email support

>> Free site migration for first-time customers

>> Entry Level Planning (Launch) Packed with all the necessary features for hosting a business website

>> Refunds for 90 days

For more info, please visit this site


02. InterServer Hosting

Cheap Plan Sign Up: $ 4.00 / month (3% discount on signing up for 20 years)

Specializing in easy-to-use cheap hosting providers, sharing inter-server sharing, VPS, dedicated and colocation hosting solutions.

We like two things about InterServer:

<> The company does not raise prices after the first period – Interverver sharing hosting plans are locked at $ 5 / month

<> They allow users to host unlimited domains below $5 / month (Most domains that we discuss in this article only allow domains per account)

When you plan to host multiple (low traffic) websites for more than 5 years in the account, these two factors make Interserver easy choices.

Professional InterServer Hosting

>> Rock solid server performance, 99.97% uptime based on our records

>> The sign-up price ($ 5 / month) is locked for life and the others increase their value after the first meaning

>> Tech Support 100% In-House Complete

>> Host unlimited domains and email accounts

>> Free site migration for all new customers

>> Company established and headed by two good friends – Michael Lavrik and John Quaglieri; Proven business track record for 20 years

For more info, please visit this site


03. A2 Hosting

Cheap Plan Sign Up: $ 3.92 / month

A2 Hosting is fast, reliable, and cheap. Their shared hosting comes in three flavors – lights, swift, and turbo.

Lights are the cheapest plan, allows users to host 1 website, 5 databases and 25 email accounts.

You do not know Lights has a budget plan to look at its features, Fully SSD storage, SSH access, Ryanissi, FTP / FTPs, GIT, and CVS ready, node.js and cron support and pre-configured for best WordPress performance. Using in-house built-in WP plugin – optimized for A2). All this for $ 3.92 a month.


Professional A2 Hosting

>> Excellent server performance; TTFB <550ms

>> Risk-Free – Anytime Money Back Guarantee

>> Entry Level Planning (Light) Packed with all the necessary features for hosting a business website

>> The location of server location in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

>> Large amount of room – users can upgrade their servers to VPS, Cloud and dedicated hosting

For more info, please visit this site


04. Web Hostface

Cheap Plan Sign Up: $ 0.69 / month

The mainstream has still invented WebHostFace, making it an amazing hidden gem.

We at the web host boss boss interview, twice on Valentine’s Day at the VHSR blog and a test site was set up in XHTMLX early on the web host and then we are tracking their server performance.

Web hosting costs are an incredibly low price in hosting plan signups – only $ 0.69 / month for their context planning, face standards, signups. The plan comes with 12+ GB disk space, RV site builder, free CDN, SSH access, and daily backup.


Professional Web Hostface

>> Very cheap – signup time is only $ 0.69 / month

>> Acceptable server performance, 99.9% average hosting uptime

>> Based on the excellent live chat support hosting company live chat system my research

>> Protected Hosting Environment – Built-in DDoS Absorption and Brutal Ball Detection

>> The location of server location in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

>> Full range of hosting solutions for upgrades – VPS and dedicated hosting

For more info, please visit this site


05. HostPapa

Cheap Plan Sign Up: $ 2.95 / month

Established in 2006 by Jamie Opalchouk, Host up is located in Ontario, Canada.

We have had an interview hostess founder, Jamie Oplchuk, December 2016. It was an interesting session. We talked about company operations and business focus; Mr. Jamie was very transparent and helpful with his answer.

Personally, I have found a good of hosts – they are not the best, but their cheap price tag is a huge plus – it considers that the low price plan comes with free domain names, 100 GB of storage and 120 free pre-built site templates.


Professional HostPapa

>> Recent server uptime performance meets the industry standards. Uptime> 99.98%

>> Free domain name in signup – save $ 15 $ (domain registration fee)

>> Reputable companies with the good business track record (BB + BT approved business with A + rating)

>> Support Live Live Chat based on my experience

>> The Eco-Friendly Hosting – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

For more info, please visit this site



Cheap Plan Sign Up: $ 3.95 / month

Founded in 2006 by Tray Gardner, Green Jix has benefited from his extensive experience in several major hosting companies. Today, Tray and her professional team have made Greening in a healthy, stable and competitive organization.


The company’s roots are in North America and serve 300,000 customers with more than 35,000 websites. As an eco-friendly company, it is used to relieve yourself of a positive power footprint and replaces by the energy used by energy using three times the power.


But not all of it – on being the friendly environment, greens are very budget friendly too. Among all of them, sharing 300% green hosting plan only costs $ 3.95 / month in signup (using promo code TAKE60OFF).


Professional GreenGeeks

>> Eco-friendly – 300% green hosting (top of the industry)

>> Excellent server speed – A speed of all speed examinations and above

>> More than 14+ years of proven business track record

>> Free domain name for the first year

>> Free site migration for new customers

>> Good value for money – $ 3.95 / mo (including daily backup) to host the unlimited site on account

For more info, please visit this site


07. Hostinger

Cheap plans sign up: $ 2.15 / month

Hostinger offers free hosting services by providing and hosting services via brand

Hostinger claims that their platform is hosting more than 178 million users from 29 countries.

I do not get you with other budget hosting providers that hostinger likes for its innovative server features.

Features that you do not get with another budget hosting-

Their single web hosting plan allows you to host 1 GB disk space and host 100 websites with 10 GB bandwidth and advance cron jobs, Karl SSL, MariaDB and InnoDB databases and weekly backups.

The $ 2.15 / month plan comes with free bet ninja smart security, which protects you against XXS, DDoS, malware and other cyber attacks; And Mail Assassin, which protects you from spam mails.


Professional Hostinger

>> Free domain name for the first year

>> Here is you can get up to 61% discount on signup, plans start at $ 2.15 / month

>> Server optimized for best WordPress site performance

>> Free site migration for first-time customers

>> Innovative Features, Karl, Cran Jobs, Maradi, and InnoDB Support.

>> Free Bitninja Smart Security (XXS, DDoS, Prevent Malware and Script Injection Invasion)

For more info, please visit this site


08. FastWeb Host

Cheap Plan Sign Up: $ 2.95 / month

The FastWebHost (FWH) cheapest hosting plan (named as “Value”) starts as low as $ 2.95 / month.

We like FastWebHost budget planning for its value and safety features. When you sign up for their standard plan, you will get basic hosting facilities plus DDoS protection and CDN.


Professional FastWeb Host

>> Free DDOS Security and Cloud Flare CDN

>> Free domain name for the first year (~ Save $ 15)

>> Reasonable Renewal Rate – The same plan renews at $ 5.95 / month for the first term

>> The United States, Netherlands, India, and Hong Kong Server location choices

>> Complete range of Hosting Solutions for Upgrade – VPS, Dedicated and Managed WP Planning

For more info, please visit this site



Cheap Plan Sign Up: $ 0.25 / month has won a significant amount of recognition and rewards for the last few years. It was named the UK Web Host Directory in 2009 by the name of UK’s best budget web hosting provider, PC Magazine Netherlands and Belgium in 2009, and it was named Editor’s Choice Award in 2013, and it was named as the best web hosting provider for Web hosts in 2013.



>> Cheap Hosting Deals in the Market – Sign up at $ 0.25 / month, renewing at $ 1.89 / month for the first period

>> Wonderful In-House Website Builder with Professional Design Templates

>> Dedicated server resources for all accounts – 25 GB of storage in each account and maximum 512 MB RAM

>> Solid server performance based on net cruise tracking.

>> Host unlimited email account

For more info, please visit this site


10. iPage

Cheap Plan Sign Up: $ 1.99 / month

iPage has been around since 1995 (based on domain WhoIs domain) but it does not gain recognition until a relaunch back in October 2009 under a company. Founded by Thomas Gurney of Massachusetts, Burlington, the IPZ has achieved the traction for being a hosting provider, which is a provider of limited budgets.

iPage all-in-one unlimited hosting plans (named names) allow users to host unlimited domains and email accounts. The cost of hosting multiple domain hosting accounts with IPage, really cheaper – signup at $ 1.99 / month and renews at $ 8.99 / month.


Professional iPage

>> Ultra cheap price tag – 200 – 300% cheaper than colleagues

>> Host Unlimited domain name in the account

>> Free one-year domain for all new subscribers (~ Save $ 15)

>> Newbie-Friendly: Smooth On-Boarding Process

For more info, please visit this site


How to Benefit From Cheap Hosting Plans?

It’s very smart to you. A good web host is essential for all websites and blogs, But it does not have to cost you a hand and a foot.

You can always do that, Upgrade to the budget web host and after your site’s traffic increases. Every web hosting companies are always happy to take your money when you decide to go for an upgrade.


Cheap Hosting Awesome Stories

But then again – I’m sure that you’ve heard all the horror stories with the budget hosting provider.

When I first started my online business, I did not get stuck, but two ridiculous hosting deals.

The first network was Avon – an awesome hosting company nowadays. Network 11 was the worst billing system in hosting history and they refused to process my cancellation process for several months. Finally, I had to cancel my credit card to stop my charging.

The next was I forgot the reason for signing up on them (like that time I was already using Bluehost) but I remember clearly how awesome the deal was. They charge about $ 150 a year (not very cheap rates by 2005 market values) but only allow one domain and impose strict restrictions on server usage. To make things even worse – server injuries are often accessible.

It was my personal experience with cheap web hosting.

Common Problems with Cheap Hosting Plans (and Solutions)

Up until now, we have considered a list of cheap, quality hosting services covered.

Now it’s time for some useful tips to deal with the common problems arising in cheap hosting deals.

Problem: XTNX Aggressive Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

Most low-cost hosting companies have aggressive selling and cross-selling practices.

The budget hosting company is earning money on the market. And they sell or recommend add-on services and web applications, SSL certificates, advanced email hosting features, domain names, CDN services, email marketing tools, and more.

Some of the offers are simplified, some cheap web hosting providers have their customers’ strategies to sign up for the free trial. When the trial ends, they charge high prices for their customers’ services. Their customers want to finish premium prices for their services that they want to try and they probably do not even need.

Solution: Be very careful while checking out

Be very careful during the checkout process, make sure the hosting company does not sign you up for any software or web service trial. The suspected web host can support live chat and ask if you have signed up for any web services.

Be suspicious with every email and advice you receive from your hosting company. Click blindly before signing up for any add-ons in your account and do your research.


Problem: XMXX The server has been run

Some budget hosting companies tend to host their ability and host many websites on a server in the way.

The practice is known as overselling. While overselling good at bringing down hosting cost. It’s risky for some time the user’s experience. The site hosted on a crowded server leads to slow response rates and frequent downtime.


Solution: Avoid web hosts with spreading servers, Host uptime track after signing up

A slow and often down-impacting server affects your website’s user experience and Google Ranking is poorly. For this reason, we have so much emphasis on server uptime and feedback rate, our hosting reviews. They should not host their sites in a slow and unstable web host.

Once you sign up for a new hosting-

<> Track uptime with a third party tool like your site uptime, Robot, Monitis, or Pingdom.

<> Test your server response rate (looking at time-to-first-byte readings) using the Web page test or Bitcatcha.


More tips: What is the hosting uptime?

Uptime refers to the amount of time available for your website up and running, visitors and potential clients; the downtime that is not uptime – and the downtime is bad to increase it.

Downtime means that people cannot reach your site that can frustrate you with potential visitors and may be frustrated when spending traffic and revenue. In addition, if people are not able to reach your site the first time they cannot try again. That said, hosting providers provide a minimum uptime guarantee that gives a guarantee that they will upload your site and run an hour total hours in the day.

Do not deal with hosting providers that reduce 99.9% uptime guarantee. Reducing your existing hosting provider’s 99.9% uptime, it is time to switch to a web host.


Learn more about uptime monitoring tools (which should be used)

There are literally dozens of online monitoring tools available, if nothing is done, some are free and some are worth thousands of dollars annually.

Some checks make simple HTTP checks to ensure your site is running, others perform very complex back-end tasks to monitor 50 checkpoints simultaneously.

Various tools carry each end of the spectrum, which can be a bit disgusting to users, but it ensures that there is a tool for your needs budget.

For example, I use free tools uptime robots, keep an eye on us, and Pingdom frequently tracks a web host.

If you are running an enterprise-level website and looking for more powerful tools, check out Nagios Uptime and cacti.


Problem: Bad Neighbors

Occasionally, cheap hosts are usually infiltrated by being known as Bad Neighbors.

These bad neighborhoods are the spammers who eat up the server resource or the helpless webmaster eat. If you share a server with spammers, you will not have enough resources left for you. If you share a server that receives Trojan or computer virus, your site may also be infected.


Solution: Request the server box switch

In the old days, cheap web hosts are often exploited by spammers and hackers. I believe this hosting company does not happen these days often as the spammers and hackers have very strict policies against.

If your account is hacked from inside, request a transfer and the host can transfer you to another server block.


Problem: XTNX Black-Holded IP

You usually get a shared IP address when subscribing to a cheap web host. On rare occasion, this shared IP address may be blacklisted due to other user activity.


Solution: Check the Host IP before signing up

It is recommended to check your web host IP SpamHouse Blocks List as soon as you got your account. For better is, ask them a list of IPs before signing up.

To determine your website’s IP address, type the following code at your PC command prompt. nslookup

Unfortunately, if your server is on the IP list, there are only two things you can do:

1. Press the web host on the whitelist in the host

2. Request for transfer or change of IP address.

Problem: Poor Technical Support

Some cheap hosting companies have low customer support and fail to respond to customer requests timely. Slow reaction times are not always due to lack of care. In some cases, cheap hosts do not have enough technical staff members to appear on customer support requests only.

Solution: Talk to support staff before signing up

We cannot do much with the hosting company managed on poor sales support.

If other aspects (pricing, hosting performance, features, etc.) are good – then you want to stay and deal with it. Otherwise, you have to leave them their only choice.

For beginners who prefer to receive spoon-feeding assistance, the best thing to do with them is to avoid hosting companies with bad services. Before you place your order, talk to the support department, ask related technical questions (e.g- indoor range, CPU circles, Ruby on Rails etc) and judge their quality based on responses.

Problem: hidden fees and charges

Some low-cost hosting companies have suspicious business practice and unclear terms.

As it was mentioned, Lucas Johnson from this cheap web hosting guide –

The most common mistakes I find is that many of the small business owners are picking the cheapest host.

How do you save money initially but in the future, you try to add different features to your site or transfer to another host, the same service providers charge you multiple service fees and add many extra payment features?

Solution: Read TOS – Avoid cheaper hosting companies with suspicious user policies

The host explains why the best host may not like the best budget hosting.

Avoid any cheap web hosts that charge unreasonable cancellation fees. Read the TOS (Quick Tip: Go to the host’s TOS page, press Ctrl + F, search for ‘cancellation’ and ‘refund’) and confirm how the cancellation is done. The web host can charge for domain registration (which can be up to $ 25 one time) and SSL certificate fees, but there is nothing more than that.

Problem: Long Subscription Period

Some web hosts will request their customers to subscribe for a very long time in exchange for a low price tag.

Many years ago, LunarPo announced its shared hosting agreement $ 4.95 / month. But $ 4.95 / month contract is only available to customers who are willing to pay over 5 years – a rip-off. 5 years! Anything that can happen online in 5 years, the hosting company can only take your money and stop shops.

Solution: Avoid signing up for more than 2 years

You can cancel and refund any time during the subscription period; Otherwise, there is no contract to go any longer than 2 years long.

All cheap web hosts are not bad

Not all share-hosting companies are bad. Cheap unlimited shared hosting plans are very popular and strong these days. Over 90% of people host their domains and sites on hosting plans.

Because you choose your expensive hosting solution, it does not make your site ‘cool’ or better.

Remember that, if you compare it may be also wrong with many dedicated or VPS hosting.

Some site owners have subscribed to dedicated hosting for VPS or their arrogance their opinions where they think are different and improved. But that’s not true. In fact, I know some small business owners who have switched to dedicated hosting without needing them, and they are sorry about it. If shared hosting is good, they spend money on unnecessary server resources and expert technical support.

Until you build up a high traffic site/blog there is no need to make a lot of time and money in a strong hosting plan. It’s just a waste of time and money.

Instead, keep your focus on content and marketing.

Read also – If you understand that specific areas are overspending, recent market research on the website building cost us to check out.

Realizing your need of website hosting

If you are buying something you do not need it, how cheap or good you are wasting money.

And you need to know why your hosting needs before choosing a new web host. Before buying this web host, make sure you confirm the web host and domain name’s basic understanding. Think well about our own needs and answer this question –

>> What type of website are you building?

>> Do you want something common?

>> Do You Need Windows Apps?

>> Do you need the latest version of the software (such as PHP)?

>> Does your website require special software?

>> How big (or small) web traffic volume can go?

>> What is your 1 or 2 years budget for the website?

>> How much money will this go into hosting?

For beginners –

<> Choose a web host that can afford for at least 2 years. Your site/blog cannot make any money, especially at first, so you want to make sure that you do not have to close the blog due to lack of money.

<> You do not need premium web hosting services for now. An affordable share web host should be good enough for now. Just remember to check about space restrictions and server uptime.

<> Right now, you should focus on creating useful content and growing your community. You should spend more on marketing and content. Get a good newsletter service and start creating your email list, start social media marketing, contact local bloggers, and hire them for your blog promotion.

<> Ask questions about customer service and if they are new to blogging, they will help you understand how to run a website.


For fun bloggers and site owners –

<> Now make sure that your readers can easily navigate your blog as part of your work. You must need a very reliable and smooth web host.

<> You should track your site’s uptime and response speed such as Pingdom and Uptime Robot Tools.

<> Monitor your blog’s memory usage and know your limit – once you hit 80% of allocated memory on your blog (it will always happen with your shared hosting partner), then consider this an upgrade to VPS hosting.

<> Also, consider using an SSD hosting for smooth site speed.

I hope, this article is very helpful for, understanding about domain hosting


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