Makeup tips for perfect fashion in winter

    Makeup tips for perfect fashion in winter

    If you do makeup in the summer, it is a panic, that the makeup will melt in the summer, it will be faded, the face will become black and white. But there is no such panic in winter. Winter is quite useful for makeup. Makeup is not easily wasted in winter. Carefully decorate the makeup without any makeup will show you a haphazardly, so be careful with your care in the winter. What you will use to keep your dress with clothing depends on the time you are in your hands and the environment you are going to. Take care of cosmetics and makeup in winter.

    Moisturizer on the skin before the makeup begins. Oil-based moisturizer on dry skin, oil-free moisturizer on oily skin and oil-free in combining skin and freeze-based oil-based moisturizer.

    Currently, many cosmetics company, have been made in combination with Moisturizer and making BB cream. This cream is not only found in the foundation of the moisturizer. If you want to make a light make-up then choose BB cream.

    Choose a little heavy cream compact powder in winter, so that the oil content is high. It will maintain moisture on the skin, not excessive drying.

    Lip gloss: Wearing expensive lipstick, but the lips are dry and cracked. That will not look good at all. Apply lipstick to good quality lips before lipstick. Instead of lipstick, use tinted lipbaum and lipglas.

    Shain Finnish, rather than Matt Finnis, found that the foundation is more effective in the winter. For many, the color of the winter color shows 1 to 2 tonnes bright. As a result, the foundation shade does not match the shade and looks dark. So it is important to mix shade with skin tonne in winter. Liquid or cream conciliator to choose dark circles, acne scars, and dark spot.

    The main item of blush winter makeup. Blush to choose the color of winter pale skin. Those who have colorful and underneath pinks, choose the pink or coral shade. If the yellow undertone and pressure color, pitch, terracotta sheds will be more acceptable. Cream instead of powder blush-on.

    Winter is said to be the fashion season, due to the lack of sweat and liquefaction, it can be changed for a long time, like its own look.

    Tips: In winter, outside weather is rough and sun heat can damage your skin. Use sunscreen this also works as a moisturizer on your skin.