Getting rid of Google


The main stream activists and moralists do not stop to be stupid. They are exploring new ways of being shameless hypocrite. When you start as search engine and succeed being the most robust and technically advanced, you start to be socially active. And now we have Google as political, social power.

There is such type of socially active people, that uses their success in narrow technical, art, science and other area to use as a platform to start their moralists career. Even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are wiser then these stupid inhabitants of silicone waley. They just talk and do stupid things, but they do that in the way, that allows you to ignore them.

It is even more true to say that journalists are depicting their life in the way that is stupid, not them. Google is not such. The IT specialists that work for world leading company think they are gods.

The Google is not celebrity, but the prominent IT specialists, proud of their career and knowledge. I do not know if they are so proud of their self that are doing plumbers, auto-service mechanics job, plane pilots job, but they are confident enough to become censors. They will decide what politic opinion is good and what is bad. This is happening not in North Korea or China.

Stupid people lives everywhere. The Google is gathering private information for the benefit of user. Of course it has some value outside search engine service. The value of few tens or hundreds millions. Google is good in guarding things, that costs millions. They will keep them secure in their drawers and nobody will get that information even for money.

Even for big money. Google is on its way to create new moral standards so who would doubt about that? (article in EU does. Not so long time ago Facebook sold its data to Cambridge Analytica. Now Google makes his business just slightly modifying search results for the good of Google (article). There’s no concurrent, there’s no rules in IT sector. Just few moralists are ready to cry for bad US president elections and anti globalism.

Just pathetic.

If you do not want to be a part of this main stream herd, you can use other services than Google or Facebook. Yes, they are not so good, but maybe they are not trying to sell you.
Here are some addresses: nomore, facebook is better.

unlimited free speech is a “utopian narrative” that cannot stand in the face of recent political events and the “bad behavior” of their own users. (link).

Maybe one morning you will get up and with shaking hands type in the only available browser chrome and look for information how long the System will tolerate your misbehaviour until you will be sent to serve for migrants of ‘well being but not working’.

Just kidding …

I hope. And sorry for that fearful picture below…