Helpful tips and guide for email marketers

Helpful tips and tricks for email marketers
Attention Email Marketers…

71 Genius Subject Lines That “EXPLODE” Your Open Rate! 

Exposed For The Very First Time: Secret Stash Of Lucrative Subject Line Templates That Rockets Wannabe Email Marketers Into Email Marketing Gods… Virtually Overnight!
Dear fellow email marketer,
And finally get your emails NOTICED OPENED AND READ… Then I urge you to pay attention to every word on this page and to take immediate action. Because you are about to discover “71 Secret Subject Lines” that will make your emails impossible to leave unopened!
71 Genius Subject Lines That “EXPLODE” Your Open Rate WARNING: These subject lines are designed as templates to get your creative juices flowing. Use them as a guide only. Creativity and originality is your best friend 🙂

Shock Effect 

1. Behind every crooked guru… is a copywriter
2. Why I laugh at your emails
3. Selling poop stained underwear
4. Sleep your way to success

Curiosity Effect 

5. Disturbing things I do in the shower
6. My uncensored opinion of Tony Robbins
7. The stalker I might have
8. Evil guru in an orange jumpsuit
9. Is Ray Higdon a good salesman?
10. Will Facebook kill YouTube?
11. Marketing bibles you’ve never heard about
12. Do you really need MLM?
13. Are women better marketers?
14. What your downline are thinking
15. The case against newbies
16. Marketing rock stars I avoid.

Straight Benefit

17. How to generate profits while you sleep
18. Make six figures a year from your bed!
19. Quit your JOB in 90 days or less
20. How to cash in when you have zero budget
21. How to stick out in a competitive niche
22. Wealth block cured
23. How to craft sexy email subject lines
24. How to recruit heavy hitters
25. How to master training videos and courses in 50% of the time 26. The secret to unlimited paydays
27. Cool email trick instantly increases sales
28. Curing email impotence
29. How to be an email marketing boss
30. How to sell to cold prospects
31. How to make social media a sociable pleasure.


32. Awakening the evil dead of MLM
33. Marketers shouldn’t play with dirty things
34. The psychic marketing oracle
35. Gurus in sheep’s clothing
36. The cursed sales letter
37. Sales tooth fairy caught wearing dentures


38. Make more profit by spending less money
39. Ugly man’s beautiful marketing trick

Men’s Health Reworked

40. 3 ways to monetize your email list instantly
41. 10 genius email hacks you’ve never seen
42. Lose your money troubles
43. The profit-making traffic trick you should do now
44. The BIG list formula
45. Paid vs Free Traffic: What’s better for your business
46. 15 life goals for 2015


47. Would automated sales increase your free time?
48. Tired of making your boss rich?
49. Does this simple system work?
50. Do you think getting leads is hard?
51. How do you feel about your bank account?
52. What do you secretly desire?
53. Do you want more time with your family?
54. Do you have what it takes to succeed?
55. Do you know why paid traffic is smart?
56. Do you make this BIG mistake?
57. Would you exchange $1 for six figures?
58. Would you like to get paid right now?

How To

59. How to make a fortune with zero budget
60. How to use Clickbank for quick profits
61. Learn how to do less yet profit more
62. How to get paid on every lead you generate.
Helpful tips and tricks for email marketers


63. Amazing fluke uncovers lucrative opportunity
64. Discover the easiest way to profit online


65. Attention Americans who need to get cash
66. For marketers who hate losing commissions
67. Are you struggling to close more sales?
68. What every marketer must know about traffic.
69. To the business owner who hates the rat race
70. Confidential to cash hungry people
71. This is for advanced marketers only
So there you have it. An ultimate resource that should help you come up with a subject line idea effortlessly. Of course, getting your email opened is just the start. First, you gotta have a list. Then you need to know what to write inside of those emails to get high click-through rates. P.S If you are new to email marketing, or would want to take advantages of ‘’A MASSIVE collection of 4,200 profit-producing, click getting emails you can adapt, tweak and alter for your own email broadcasts or even email follow up sequences’’


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