How to do create backlink for your website


We are discussing here that, how much important backlink for every website or blog. what is the real process for backlink create and how many types of backlink. which types of backlinks are very effective for website or blog ranking. so read this post carefully and start to backlink creating.

What is Backlinks?

Backlink means to get a link from another site to your site. Be careful that, you have a website and you put the site link on another site. Then you will get a backlink for your site from the site where you keep link your site. For example, If your site is A and the site that you link to your site is B, then as a backlink, you get a backlink from the B site. In this way, you will get the backlink as many sites as you link your site. And it is considered as the most important thing in search engine optimization.

That is, we can say in one word- ‘From other sites, we get backlinks from our site that are incoming link’


Why this backlink?

When I remember backlink, I remember the big leaders of our country, what is the surprise of me, and when I talk about the need for backlink, I ask everyone to compare these leaders.



Manpower is the biggest force. You have a lot of money, but if you do not get any people to work, then what is the value of money? There is no such thing. There is no such value as an influential leader.

See that he always wants to be a lot of people. The greater the manpower, the effect of its power will be even greater. Then he will be able to make his impact more and more everywhere. But when he is going to do any work, if everyone gives vote or consent on his behalf then his work and acceptability will increase. He will be a powerful man as a search engine behind Backlink and so on. Backlink to increase the importance and acceptance of a site. There is no alternative. A backlink is a vote for you. For that search engine always searches for a backlink of a site. Anyway, you may never want to place an inefficient candidate on an important seat. For this, search engine and more for their first-page Backlink to give importance.

Backlinks can be made in many different ways.

Such as Blog comment, forum posting, guest blogging etc.


What is DoFollow Backlink?

DoFollow Backlink is a simple HTML link. Through which the link will refer directly to your site and blog or post will support this link.  DoFollow Backlink is the most powerful link. Depending on what kind of blog work you are getting DoFollow Backlink, you get the rank. Try to create DoFollow backlink for your website, it is so much important for every website or blog owner. For example- I’m presenting a site’s DoFollow Backlink with a simple HTML source code link.

<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”dofollow”>Google Website</a>


What is NoFollow Backlink?

NoFollow backlink is a link through which the website prohibits search engine from crawling/indexing it’s published backlink. However, you can get some visitors through it. Popular sites in the world use NoFollow Backlink, such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia etc. There is a rel = “nofollow” code associated with Nofollow Backlink that prevents search engines from indexing. For example- you can follow this HTML source code link create for nofollow backlink.

<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Google Website</a>


What is blog commenting?

Blog comments are commented on a commendable site. Blog comments are the part of off-page SEO. This is an acceptable way to create backlinks. You can create backlinks for your site with the comments of other standard blog articles in line with the content of your site. You can easily create a connection with another site through blog comments and can increase your site backlink.


How to find a good blog for blog commenting?

The first thing you need to do is find out a good quality blog. Good quality blog means-

<> This blogs is must be an active blog.

<> This blogs it must be a popular blog.

<> Some of the best quality writers have to be there.

<> The blog rank will be good.

<> If it’s DoFollow, it’s a lot better. But if you have the above qualities, you can do NoFollow.


You can search these blogs from Google search. In this case, you can use the following commands for easy searching.

<> inurl:blog “niche” “leave a comment”

<> “Add comment” Your Keywords

<> “Post comment” Your Keywords

<> “Write comment” Your Keywords

<> Your Keywords “leave a comment” / “leave comment”

If the above system is difficult, you can use the following tools

Now you find sites related to your desired category, topic, or niece, but are these high-quality PA and DA? How do you know that? The following tools will help you with this.


Domain Authority & Page Authority Cheaker-……

With this, you start the comment by compiling your site according to your needs. But how to comment? Remember the tips below


Remember for blog commentary

<> The blog that you are commenting on, how relevant is the link to your site.

<> Try all the time, Submit your comment in the beginning.

<> If you have any questions in any post, if you want to add any necessary information to it then you can do it through the comments.

<> Try to make the comments meaningful. For this, write at least four-five lines of a comment.

<> The e-mail you give to the comments is given to the profile image.

<> When you make a comment, it is good to give your name, to promote your own brand. Although, many peoples do not like it. Because it is often considered spamming. Again, if your comment is without a name, its content or text is informative, then your comment must be accepted.

<> If your comment is either ‘Thank you!’ Or ‘Really nice post’, then the comment will not benefit you.


How to approve comments easily?

<> You must submit comment witha gravatar account

<> Don’t do short comment such as hello, thanks, keep posting, nice, visit my website etc.

<> Give your thoughts on that post which must be related with your website post.

If you follow above these three points, I’m sure your comment should be approved easily.


Profile Backlink

It’s very easy, those who can weaken in English.

Profile Backlink is an important issue for those who want to do the link building in those freelancing. Profile backlinks, registering on a specific site, go to the own profile settings and enter the URL of the website. It’s an easy way to get instant backlinks on a high PR site. You can get 100 backlinks to work on freelancing site, at high PR site. Buyer did not mention any specific method for creating backlinks, such as blog comments, forum postings etc. By making profile backlinks, you will be able to do this job very soon.


Forum posting

<> Forum posting is available on various forum sites, signing up with the necessary information and sharing your site link there. This is the back link for your site.

<> Search in the Google search engine, you can find out here many more forum site, just select this forum and do signup. Remember that, you must select your topic related forum site.

<> Create backlink with appropriate information and keep the link in the right place to give the buyer.

I hope this article will be very helpful for every SEO beginners.

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