How to do skin care in winter season


Seasonal change game started in the weather. Winter arrival message is available. From now on you have to prepare for the winter. Especially during this time, there will be more aware of skin care. Because the humidity of the air decreases on the previous time of winter. As a result, the water absorbs water from the skin. Due to this absorption, skin, lip, and palms of the feet continue to burst. 56 percent of our bodies are water. And the skin itself holds 10 percent. As a result, the skin becomes weak and helpless when water gets out of the skin. The glands of the skin that contain oil and water cannot be made any earlier than the sweat or oil. The skin becomes drier. Necessary to mention that, there is a scourge on the skin, the oil gland from where the oil and sweating continue to be released. The sweat and oil mix together oil and water mixture on the body, which keeps the body cool and prevents cracks.

To do Lip Care: In winter, most of the problems without skin are lip More than everyone lip fits. If you use it in oily plated lip it can be controlled. In this case, the lips can be used Vaseline, Lip zel or petroleum jelly. It should be remembered, that the lips should never be wet with the tongue. This can increase the leakage.

To do foot care: Tremendous trends can be seen in people of the same age. In that case, the acrophilevine solution will be kept wet for a while. Then dry the legs and make the Vaseline. It is also possible to keep the grip of the glycerin and the water in the water. Olive oil or coconut oil is a good result if the knockout is low. However, now there are many types of moisturizers available in the market. This is actually a mixture of oil and water. It contains the softening of the skin. For example – petroleum, vegetable oil, lanoline etc.

Birth Disease Echitisosis: Echitisosis is a disease that increases in winter. There are several types of echitisosis. So be careful during this time. If you feeling very bad for this disease, go to the doctor and take to proper treatment for this disease.

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