How to get free traffic from affiliates and JV partners


You can try to follow methods, get free traffic from affiliates and JV partners

What are JVs?

>> Partnerships

> They promote you and you might promote them

> Create a product/service together

> Interviews

> Seminars/Events

Why JV?

>> Establish credibility

>> Leverage

> Time

> Money

> Resources

>> Become a “celebrity”

>> Crank out money and traffic on demand

Success Mindset for JVing

>> Give, give give

> The more you give the more you get

>> Connect with leaders in your field and focus on    them

>> JV partners can become trusted advisors and friends

Is there a difference between JVs and affiliates?

>> Not necessary however JVs

>> produce more results and are often paid more and you tend to have a deeper relationship with them

3 Main Types of JVs

>> Promoting a product/service as an affiliate

>> Creating a product together

>> Seminar/Event

How to Get JVs to Promote YOU

>> Buy coaching

>> Give them testimonials

>> Buy drinks/food at events

>> Connect them with others (if you have real relationships with both)

>> Help them with something

>> Make lots of sales for their products

>> Try to give multiple ways before asking for anything

>> Buy gifts

>> Send notes (thank you, congrats, condolence etc)

>> Personalized video messages

>> Snail mail

>> Do what you promise

>> Pay on time

>> Always over deliver

Places to List Your JV






>> Facebook JV Groups

>> Skype JV Groups


>> Your JV List

What does JV Partners look for?

>> Existing relationship?

>> Have I bought/reviewed other products by this vendor?

>> Is it a good fit for my list?

>> Does it align with my message?

>> Can I get a review copy?/Have Did I purchase it?

>> Is it a product/service I use?

>> Does it have testimonials?

>> Did I learn anything?

>> Is it high quality?

>> Is the sales copy/funnel interesting/exciting?

>> Does it have testimonials?

>> Does the price feel like a good deal? (is it worth 10X the price?)

>> Will my customers learn anything?

>> How well is it selling?

>> Vendor an expert?

>> Can I get a commission bump?

>> Can I get lifetime commissions?

>> Do I owe the vendor anything?


Elements of a Successful JV Invite Page

>> Attention grabbing headline

>> Clearly state when product launches

>> Talk about how much they can make

>> Video

>> Signup box

>> Signup link

>> Product details

>> Contest

>> Who has promoted before

>> Track record (contests you’ve placed in, awards, testimonials etc)

>> Walk them through the funnel

>> Sales copy preview

>> Review copy

>> Summarize and get them to sign up


How to Communicate with JVs

>> JV Update Blog

>> JV Update Newsletter

>> Skype

>> Personal emails

>> Phone calls

>> Social media

>> Snail mail

How to motivate them to keep promoting your product

>> Commission’s bumps

>> Contests

>> New promotional angle (Price hike, closing, webinar etc)

>> New promotional materials

>> Make it easy for them

>> Follow-ups (emails, phone Skype, social media)

>> Recognition for their efforts

How to persuade them to promote you

>> Relationship

>> Killer offer

>> Great conversions

>> Reciprocation

>> Contest

The Power of Reciprocation

>> If you do something for someone else they tend to feel obligated to help you

>> Promote people

>> Introduce people

>> Help them out in some other way

>> After you’ve done this 3 or so times come back and ask for their help (but don’t expect or demand it)

How to Build Relationships

>> Apply Dale Carnegie method such as “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

>> Follow the golden rule like that Treat people

>> how you would want to be treated

>> Appeal to their ego

>> Use their name

>> It is important to focus on what you can do for them, not what they can do for you

>> Genuinely appreciate and like people

>> You can talk to people with the various kinds of social media methods

>> Be a friend

>> Listen

>> Make them feel important

How to Find JV Partners

>> Go to seminars, live events, search the popular forum,

>> Keep track of best selling vendors and affiliates

>> Seek out authorities and big niche sites

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