How to get free traffic from affiliates and JV partners

How to get free traffic from affiliates and JV partners

You can try to follow methods, get free traffic from affiliates and JV partners

What are JVs?

>> Partnerships

> They promote you and you might promote them

> Create a product/service together

> Interviews

> Seminars/Events

Why JV?

>> Establish credibility

>> Leverage

> Time

> Money

> Resources

>> Become a “celebrity”

>> Crank out money and traffic on demand

Success Mindset for JVing

>> Give, give give

> The more you give the more you get

>> Connect with leaders in your field and focus on    them

>> JV partners can become trusted advisors and friends

Is there a difference between JVs and affiliates?

>> Not necessary however JVs

>> produce more results and are often paid more and you tend to have a deeper relationship with them

3 Main Types of JVs

>> Promoting a product/service as an affiliate

>> Creating a product together

>> Seminar/Event

How to Get JVs to Promote YOU

>> Buy coaching

>> Give them testimonials

>> Buy drinks/food at events

>> Connect them with others (if you have real relationships with both)

>> Help them with something

>> Make lots of sales for their products

>> Try to give multiple ways before asking for anything

>> Buy gifts

>> Send notes (thank you, congrats, condolence etc)

>> Personalized video messages

>> Snail mail

>> Do what you promise

>> Pay on time

>> Always over deliver

Places to List Your JV






>> Facebook JV Groups

>> Skype JV Groups


>> Your JV List

What does JV Partners look for?

>> Existing relationship?

>> Have I bought/reviewed other products by this vendor?

>> Is it a good fit for my list?

>> Does it align with my message?

>> Can I get a review copy?/Have Did I purchase it?

>> Is it a product/service I use?

>> Does it have testimonials?

>> Did I learn anything?

>> Is it high quality?

>> Is the sales copy/funnel interesting/exciting?

>> Does it have testimonials?

>> Does the price feel like a good deal? (is it worth 10X the price?)

>> Will my customers learn anything?

>> How well is it selling?

>> Vendor an expert?

>> Can I get a commission bump?

>> Can I get lifetime commissions?

>> Do I owe the vendor anything?

Elements of a Successful JV Invite Page

>> Attention grabbing headline

>> Clearly state when product launches

>> Talk about how much they can make

>> Video

>> Signup box

>> Signup link

>> Product details

>> Contest

>> Who has promoted before

>> Track record (contests you’ve placed in, awards, testimonials etc)

>> Walk them through the funnel

>> Sales copy preview

>> Review copy

>> Summarize and get them to sign up

  How to Communicate with JVs

>> JV Update Blog

>> JV Update Newsletter

>> Skype

>> Personal emails

>> Phone calls

>> Social media

>> Snail mail

How to motivate them to keep promoting your product

>> Commission’s bumps

>> Contests

>> New promotional angle (Price hike, closing, webinar etc)

>> New promotional materials

>> Make it easy for them

>> Follow-ups (emails, phone Skype, social media)

>> Recognition for their efforts

How to persuade them to promote you

>> Relationship

>> Killer offer

>> Great conversions

>> Reciprocation

>> Contest

The Power of Reciprocation

>> If you do something for someone else they tend to feel obligated to help you

>> Promote people

>> Introduce people

>> Help them out in some other way

>> After you’ve done this 3 or so times come back and ask for their help (but don’t expect or demand it)

How to Build Relationships

>> Apply Dale Carnegie method such as “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

>> Follow the golden rule like that Treat people

>> how you would want to be treated

>> Appeal to their ego

>> Use their name

>> It is important to focus on what you can do for them, not what they can do for you

>> Genuinely appreciate and like people

>> You can talk to people with the various kinds of social media methods

>> Be a friend

>> Listen

>> Make them feel important

How to Find JV Partners

>> Go to seminars, live events, search the popular forum,

>> Keep track of best selling vendors and affiliates

>> Seek out authorities and big niche sites


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