If you want to be SEO expert you should learn the following topics

If you want to be SEO expert you should learn the following topics

If you want to build your career in online, you must be needed to learn about SEO. We discuss here that, how you can be a good SEO expert. So follow these tips and try to learn it.

Basic info about SEO

> What is SEO?

> Why it important for online users?

> What is SERP (Search engine result page)?

> How to work the search engine

> Google vs others search engine

> Top Ranking factors

> Common words in SEO

> How to SEO for deferent types of sites

Keyword Research

> Keyword research outline

> How to find the well niche topic

> Types of keyword

> Idea about Long tail keyword

> Idea about informative keyword

Content writing

> Content writing tips

> Free vs paid content writing guideline

> Domain hosting registration guideline

On-page optimization

> Outline of total on-page optimization

> WordPress installation

> Yoast SEO plugin installation

> Permalink and others basic setup

> Content optimization

> Google/webmaster/search console verification

> Sitemap

> Bing webmaster tool

> Google search console – in depth

> Link disavow

> robots.txt file creation

> 301 and 302 re-direction

> Canonical URL – advanced topic

> Google analytic setup

> How to use google analytic

Off-page optimization

> How to determine Google website quality

> Off-page optimization outline

> Natural follow of link

> do-follow and no-follow link

> Three types of link and their quality

> what is social bookmarking? and Why? How to submission in the website?

> How to make work proof for social bookmarking

> Automatic backlink checker

> Spamming

> What is forum posting? and why? How to submission forum post?

> How to find the forum site

> How to make the forum post work proof

> What is IP, Proxy, VPN Server?

> Free VPN Solution

> What is web 2.0 link building? and why? How much important to web 2.0 link?

> Many wrong concepts about web 2.0 link building and how to solution this wrong concept?

> How to make the link in the web 2.0 site

> Idea about Web 2.0 article

> Google advanced search technique

> How to create high strength link building

> Guest posting tricks

> How to find the email address to the bloggers and webmasters

> Email out-reach

> Sponsored link system

> What is infographic link building

Broken link building strategy.

If you want to be SEO expert you should learn the following topics

Some guideline to work in online After SEO learn completely

> How to know more about various types of online income

> General concept of online job and business

> What is online job? how to get this job?

> What is freelancing?

> Discuss about freelancing, and how to get your freelancing income?

> Ideas of others online works

> Ideas of many types of marketplace

> Which sector you can work after complete SEO learning

We hope that if you learn above this topics very well. Definitely, you can succeed in online. So try to learn about SEO. Stay with us we discuss every topic about SEO.


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