Important tips and guide for free traffic to your website

Important tips and tricks for free traffic to your website

Struggling to Get Traffic to your Site or List? You need to check this out as well!

My Top 5 Traffic Tactics Revealed in your, Exclusive copy of the Free Traffic Informer


What I’m going to share here is some traffic generation methods that have worked for me, and worked really well!

There is the usual disclaimer though (sorry about this!).

Any of these methods can work for you but that is very dependent on you

following my advice and taking that all important action.

I also don’t mind if you share this report with others but please respect

my work and leave my links in the guide.

End of disclaimer…Time for the important stuff!

In this report you’ll find the following:

>> Getting traffic with your Lead Magnet  

>> Forum Signatures

>> Search Engine Optimization (or SEO!)

>> Images – and how they can bring you great traffic

Lastly, if you have any questions about anything in this report then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and again, you can do this via my Internet Marketing Blog. Thanks for reading this report.

Your Lead Magnet & Traffic!
I use the ‘Free Traffic Informer’ as the Lead Magnet for my blog and email list.

Now the Free Traffic Informer guide offers you value in return for you becoming a subscriber to my email list!

You may of course already know this but in case you don’t then please don’t worry, you’ll be finding out a lot more about Lead Magnets in future parts of the email series!

I’ll also be including some great freebies which you can use as your own Lead Magnets so make sure you stay tuned and keep checking your inbox!

But for now…..
Did you know that your Lead Magnet itself can be used as a great traffic generator?

My previous Lead Magnet was an eBook called the ‘Email Marketing Informer’ and we uploaded this to the following:

<>   Amazon Create Space (so people can buy it as a Paperback!).

<> Amazon Kindle (all the rage nowadays apparently?)

<>   Draft2Digital The last one (Draft2Digital) is especially interesting because these guys distribute your eBook to a bunch of other distributors and shops which really helps to get your message out there.

Traffic from doing this doesn’t happen overnight but it really does work, providing you:
<> Include your site details in your eBook and…

<> Have a separate page in the book inviting readers to visit your blog and sign up to your email list.

So that’s your first bonus traffic Tip

I would suggest that if you are using your own eBook for your Lead Magnet, or a product that you have full rights to (and you’ve maybe changed a bit, with your own name inside etc.), then get it uploaded to all

the sites listed below straight away. It does take time for the Traffic to start coming in with this method but it’s worth it.

Forum Signature & Traffic

This is a great way to get tons of free traffic if you do it correctly!

There are 2 forums in particular which this works really well for, however…

If you know of others that have worked well for you then please let

me know and I’ll share the info!

Here are the ones that i use:
Warrior Forum

Digital point

So the idea with these forums is to create a ‘signature’ for yourself (checkout their ‘Help’ sections if you’re not sure how to do this!) and have that signature pointing towards your blog/Lead Magnet offer or whatever…

You then need to participate in forum discussions, find threads where

problems are being discussed which are related to your Lead Magnet offer!

Even start your own threads, letting others know that you’ve found some great information and share it.

But….and this is a BIG BUT…

Don’t ‘sell’ your signature link in fact, don’t even mention it. None of this ‘checkout my link below’ business or people will see that you’re interested in their ‘click’ and that’s it.

Don’t know what to write in your signature?
Well if you’re new to these forums, it’s always a good idea to spend some time navigating around the different threads, see what others have been writing about and check out a bunch of other people’s signatures!

Pay close attention to forum members who have been around for a while and have high post counts (what do their signatures look like and would you be tempted to click on them?).

By the way, if your niche is Internet Marketing and you’re not a member of these two forums yet (especially Warrior!) then you really need to take action now and open a free account with them.

Some of the Internet Marketing advice on these, and again I single our Warrior as my preferred favorite, is priceless and it will be worth your time wandering around the different discussions there.

Search engine optimization (SEO) & Traffic
Along with updating your blog with regular content, a bit of targeted SEO really can make all the difference between your site being found by the search engines and read by interested readers! Some SEO tweaking, done right, can bring in a lot of traffic…

But going back to content again, you don’t want to get too hung up on SEO (spending endless hours ‘messing’ with keywords etc.) at the expense of fresh new material on your site.

So essentially what I do is concentrate on a few things to give my articles the very best chance of ranking well in Google and receiving the most traffic possible. While at the same time forget about the fact that people get hung up about trying to please the Search Engines, at the expense of writing a post or article which is going to be of benefit to their readers!

So, I call these ‘the finishing touches’ to my posts. It’s not SEO (to me!);

it’s just the final stages of writing, see if you agree:


You’ve just spent a good amount of time writing a post that you are really happy with. You know its adding value to your blog and to your readers.

This is what I would do next:

<> Walk away. Make a cuppa and relax.

<> Come back to the post when ready. Read through it all again. Make corrections where necessary, your readers deserve your very best work.

<> Check spelling and grammar. Make sure your paragraphs aren’t too long. Can you use bullet points or a numbered list to break up the page?

<> Have you got any images with the text? If not, why not? Images break up the text and give your readers’ eyes a natural rest. They don’t realize it but they will increase their level of concentration after that image.

<> Headings! OK, this is getting a bit more SEO like but it’s still to do with how your post reads. One of my blog posts is called ‘5 Tips for increasing traffic to your blog’. So I would put this blog title at the top of the page and in a Heading 1 (H1) format. This seems natural because it’s the title, if the Search Engines happen to like that as well then so be it.

<> Similarly, a bit further down this blog post I have a subtitle called ‘Optimization Tips’. I would put this in a Heading 2 (H2) format.

<> So what about Links? I really don’t want this post to be lonely, that’s not fair. So I’m going to link this article to some of the other articles on the blog! Maybe an article called ‘Link Building for Blogs’ might be appropriate? I’m also going to link to an external site because I want my reader to get as much information as possible. A good article I read yesterday was ‘101 Ways to Build Link Popularity‘, I’m sure my readers will love that one.

OK, I’m guilty as charged.

A lot of the above is dedicated Search Engine Optimization but I really don’t see it that way. I see it as optimizing my work and making the content as readable and as interactive as possible. It just happens that the Search Engines don’t mind that too much!

And how does all this increase traffic?

Well, without really thinking about, I’ve made this post more accessible to people. The Search Engines will like the way I’m doing things, more people will visit through Organic Search and when visitors arrive at my blog, more of them will feel inclined to stick around and see what I’ve got to offer! Want to see all of this in action?

Image Optimization and Traffic

Images can have a direct effect on traffic and if you have the right image configured correctly then this image, and therefore your blog or website, can end up getting found through the Search Engines.
Result, more traffic…

In the past, I have used ‘free’ images sourced from wherever I could find them but not anymore. Now I only opt for high quality images which I have permission to use on my site.

The bottom line is that i don’t want problems with image owners asking me to remove these pictures from my site or worse?
The service I use is 123RF Images and you really do get a lot of value for your money, well worth a look.

So how do you optimize your images
It’s actually very straightforward. Just insert your image into the post as normal and left click on it. Select the ‘Edit Image’ window:

Important tip and tricks for free traffic to your websiteNow, fill in the following:

When someone hovers over your image, let them know where a click on the picture will take them!

Alternative Text
Search Engines don’t see images as we do, so we have to help them. In the example below, I want Search Engines to recognize this image against the topic ‘Developing an Internet Presence’. This has the potential to generate traffic from search results where people are interested in improving their online presence.

And of course, don’t forget to ‘Update’ your changes!

So many people don’t bother to optimize their images which, to be honest, is plain crazy. Once you get into the habit of doing it as part of your ‘finishing touches’ then it doesn’t take very long and it can increase the

traffic to your site, as well as giving you valuable linking opportunities. If you’re not doing it already, optimize your images.


I really hope you’ve found something useful in the bonus traffic report! Even if you can take just one tip away from reading this, providing you take action and implement that tip then it should start to have a direct effect on the traffic your site is receiving.

As always, if you want any help with anything mentioned in this report or with anything to do with Internet Marketing then please get in touch via my blog.

Thanks for reading.



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