Is the Poland Responsible for Holocaust?


Some US and EU media giants wrote about new bill in Poland that forbids to accuse Polish nation and state of holocaust during WWII when it was occupied by German Nazi.
“Yet it is also undeniable that Poles were directly or indirectly complicit in the crimes committed on their land and that Poles were guilty of anti-Jewish pogroms during and after the war. These are the facts of that terrible history, and the Poles, like all other nations conquered by Germany that became embroiled in the Nazi atrocities, have an obligation to the victims and to the future to seek the full truth, however painful.”

the full book :

It is interesting interpretation of responsibility. One country occupies another, destroys its all government structures, prosecutes it’s enemies,… and if few citizens of occupied country takes participation, that means, that occupied COUNTRY and NATION is responsible. Not an individual who have made the crime. At least anybody can accuse this country and call for ‘discussion’. Do you know one war when no one betrayed ones country? And if that happened? Then anybody, any other country have right to gain their political advantages over that sometime destroyed country even after almost one hundred years? What would happen to you if you would try to do that in your personal relations in your every day life?
Not everybody is so naive. You can see Palestinian – Jewish relations not a century ago, nowadays. Is your country building villages abroad and protecting them by army? Not? Why? International law forbids that? But you can ignore them when it is against your interests and remember the law and morality when it is useful to. And back to that polish bill. What do you think about “Poles were guilty of anti-Jewish pogroms”. You can find Poland in the world map, you can travel to that country. When you will go out of an airport, you will meet people in the street. Probably there will be poles, and no matter how old are they you will know that they are responsible for what had happened one hundred years ago while there country was occupied. But you should know, they would not agree with you because you have no arguments, no knowledge and are not even honest. You are the one who do not want to be fair.
Photo from wikipedia. Bombing of Warsaw in World War II The name of this foto is ‘Polish kid in the ruins of Warsaw September 1939.jpg’. This boy is the one, who is responsible for holocaust… Politics sometimes is odd. Isn’t it? article: