Its Time To Get Somewhere


Ok I have got to a point in my life now where I am running out of ideas of how to make some good money in this world. I have tried countless ventures and nothing seems to stick in the UK. There’s so many laws, taxes, insurances and certificated to abide by that without a large capital its just not possible to get something off the ground.
So I turn my focus to the other side of the web for advice, what is out there that a young man can do to “bring home the bacon” so to speak. I know there has to be something, I just don’t know where to look.
Any advice, or even a mentor would be extremely appreciated. The drive I have for success is burning inside. I just need to find that break, you know?

Time to put our heads together

So, we seem to have a lot of questions being asked in this group and very little answers or solutions have come from it. We all want to figure out a way of making money through the “dark web” so maybe we need to work together on this?
Most big things in this world are made from more than one mind coming together right?