Knee Pain Causes Treatments Tests


Knee Pain is a common symptom of people it is almost all ages. There are many reasons for knee pain. Knee pain due to knee muscles, ligaments, meniscus, bursa, cartilage or other unstable problems. There are various causes of knee pain again in age. However, the injury is caused due to mechanical problems, different types of inflammation and other causes of knee pain.

Reasons for knee pain

Knee Pain for Hit

> Partial tearing of ligaments or muscles due to the knee injury (Knee sprain/strain)

> Torn off the ligament

> Meniscus injuries

> Bursitis

> Petreler Tendinitis

Mechanical problem

> Loose body

> Elliottabial Band Syndrome

> Knee Bowl move away

> Referred Pain

The cause of inflammation

> Osteoarthritis

> Rheumatoid arthritis

> Gout

> Pseudo Gout


Infection / septic

Condormalsia Petela

Osgood Slater Disease

Symptoms of knee pain

> Pain in the knee

> Increased knee pain during mobility

> Knee swelling

> Come to water on the knee

> Hip and ankle pain for knee pain

Routine diagnosis

> Blood tests are routine

> Urien test

> Blood Sugar, Uric Acid, R.A. Factor


> M.T.

Diagnosis for Knee

> X-ray

> CT scan


> Arthroscopy


Resistant treatment

> Some exercise is beneficial for knee pain

> Do quadriceps exercise

> Weight loss on the body

> Smoking and Alcohol Exclusion

Exact treatment

> Take a moderate rest

> Keep with an ice pack on the knees

> Use elastic compression or crepe bandage or kneecap in the knee

> During bedtime keeps the head high with a pillow under the foot.

If the knee ligament is torn

> Keep the plaster for 3-4 weeks on foot

> Reconstruction with the help of arthroscopy

> Manicus trimming

> Keep in mind that in Barasat do not hurt

> Find out the liquid of the bars with syringes

> use sensitive antibiotics and take full rest

There are many reasons for knee pain in different ages. If the knee pain is chronic and severe, then the specialist should contact the doctor and consult the specialist doctor, according to the root causes of knee pain and should be treated accordingly.

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