Lets make ZeroNet the most popular hosting service


I have some experience using ZeroNet, and I am inspired how handy it can be. Sites are opening really nicely and fast. No fees, no dependency on hosting provider rules. However it still has too little users. Usually ZeroHello zite has 800-1200 seeders. I believe even current ZeroNet technical possibilities are good enough to make it much more popular. I think we need to make much more of advertising. For example I can not find any working gates to tor or clear-net.
It is not necessary to make accessible all ZeroNet contents, but for example ZeroTalk, 0list, ZeroSites could be accessible. ZeroNet deserves to be much more popular. We must make at least one site that would be more useful than any existing clearnet equivalent, for exaple some social net with untraceable anonymity, uncensored content. Maybe someone else have better idea, but this is what should be ZeroTalk topic number one. Discussing on small technical problems will not make big difference for ZeroNet project.
I agree that some picture, book, torrent sharing can exist in ZeroNet, but the most important for such sites is the size and quality of the contents, not ZeroNet extraordinary anonymity possibilities and invincibility.

popular hosting service

Search on online then you will find many suggestion.