Need help with initial capital


Hello there.

If you are rich and don’t know what to do with your money, plz read this. My name is not important. But my knowledge about business and company’s is on high lvl. I live in Greenland, the most untouched country in the world. This mean I got a free right to do what ever I want in my country. That said’ let me explain what I dream to do.

I am a fisherman in real life, also gemstone enthusiast. Whole my life, I have gathered knowledge about gems and life rich areas to exploit. I am in that position where I need investors or a loan. I got business plans and also I got an idea how to increase future incomes for the rest of my life. The first project I want to run, is Project Greenland. The project contents 2 business that are ready to be started. Fishing and Mining.

I have attached a word file. It contains my plan and a offer.

About me:

To be honest, I’m in a really bad situation of my life. I have done some theft from blackmarked irl. The Greenlandic blackmarked to be exactly. Don’t worry I didn’t hurt anybody, or didn’t have physical contact with the victims. No, I used a contact to be an middleman of a deal, and I got away with the deal package’s. The package contains hash (MarryJ) & money. I got away with 10k UsD + 50grams of MarryJ.

I told one of my ex-gfriend, yea she told the owners about it and I leave’d her for it. Since then I have tried to work my ass off to pay it back. But I never had a job that pays enough to pay them back. So I need my own business to start earning and paying. So I gathered my knowledge to use my body and mind to start a company. I am 30 year young, I got 2 kids, I need a future for them. As said, I’m not hiding my ID. Cause I really need help. I accept any kind of loan or investment deals. I can do it under table, also in surface world. I’ll have 100% contact with my future savior, and I’ll give 10m to this person who get me started.

Read this above, and connect with me.