Nutrition in milk also Taste in milk


Only milk can be eaten, but children do not want to drink milk directly. But there are various types of delicious food made of milk. Drinks of fun can also be made from milk. Children want to eat these foods with interest. After two years of age, along with regular home food, the child must take milk or milk meal based on his physical needs. Milk is a liquid-containing liquid. Very large source of calcium. Of course, milk or milk products are essential for children in the list of balanced foods for the body.

Milk is very important for the baby. Because-

Disease prevention: Sufficient vitamins and minerals (minerals) are available from the milk, which can increase the immunity of the body. Regular milk consumption reduces risk of stroke and heart disease in the future.

Vigorous bones and teeth: Milk is good source of calcium and phosphorus. The bone gets regular calcium in the milk, which is helpful for the baby to grow taller. Besides, phosphorus also comes from milk. This calcium and phosphorus make the teeth strong. However, it is important for the children to go to sunlight for some time to use calcium for milk. Vitamin D, found in the sun, helps in the use of calcium in the body. Due to the constant consumption of milk in children, the risk of osteoporosis in the future is greatly reduced.

Bright skin: Milk is very useful for children’s beautiful and bright skin. Playing regular milk increases the skin’s brightness. Increasing skin brightness by eating a glass of milk than frozen food. Milk lactic acid and vitamins help protect against skin health.

Muscle Protection: Milk protein contributes to muscle protection. Along with protein, milk mineral helps in the maintenance of muscles. Milk is a very effective ingredient in the fight against muscles of children when children play.

To reduce the pressure: A glass of milk is available in many vitamins, minerals, which gives energy to the children. Besides, it is important to breastfeed for better sleep and nervous health.

For the mothers

Children often do not want to eat milk in the glass. In those cases, mothers can feed milk products of mothers. For example, milk or oats or milk, it will be very good for snacks as a banana or date with the cereals. For the children.

Milk made yogurt is a lot better for the children. In addition to bananas, banana with lentils, along with protein and vitamins and carbohydrates are available. Custard or pudding loves many children. Custard has fruit. Fruit nutrients are also available from the milk of custard. Pudding also has eggs with milk, so children who do not want to eat eggs and milk, pudding is very nutritious.

Milk-mango or milk-clover Smoothi ​​is very healthy for children, especially the children who play. And beneficial for those who want to be taller. Nuts-milk helps to increase the length of the child’s muscles and muscles. Good with blending of nuts with milk. It is helpful to preserve the health of the brain. If the mothers use milk to make children’s food, the food nutrition improves. Such as making bread, milk instead of water, use meat cooking ketchup etc.

To increase the taste of milk, the juice of rose, cinnamon powder, a little 1-2 tablespoons of ice cream can be mixed. Nutrition in milk – so milk can not be removed from food list. Keep your milk or milk diet in need of nutrition for your baby every day.

Author: Chief Nutritionist