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School of Continuing education, Training school, school of online education and Thong Wayne Training Center. These online education services were established in 2013. There are currently 115 teachers worked, and 26 are full-time teachers of them. This is a wonderful education system and highly syllabus included in the online colleges. This online college is stable in China. Highly educated teachers are available in this college also they are fully trained teachers.

There is a training center for foreign study interested students. Whose students interested to study by the government scholarship. There is also a test center for the recognition of Chinese National Education Examination Authority in this college. Preparatory education activities are also going on for those who want to study abroad at their own expense. There are many adult students and they come from many various countries.

In the field of adult education, 200 students are admitted every year in this college. In online education, this college has already earned a reputation as one of China’s high-quality online language training centers. Online education degree programs include English, Commerce, e-Commerce, Administration, Accounting, Finance, Information Management, Information Technology, and International Trade.

About 45 thousand students are registered presently in this online activity. The college established partnership relations with more than 20 government departments and large-scale state-owned companies to train employees. These organizations include public safety ministry, China’s Meteorological Department, Bank of China, Construction Bank of China, China National Petroleum Corporation, China Southern Airlines etc. As well as there are international students and general language education programs for the people of China.

Through the college degree and non-degree education program, BFSU has been working to increase communication with the Chinese public and work in their service.

Now! Internet services are available in every country in the world. So that, many countries try to stable the online college. This college is very helpful for adult students and decreases their study cost. These study system more comfortable than the others study activity.

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