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With the use of the Internet to remove the technical inequalities of villages and cities, radical changes have brought in the current education sector. To learn institutional or skill-based courses, long time will not go to the training center now. Everyone can develop skills online at home through the Online Education Center (OEC).
Many online education centers are stable in Bangladesh. In addition, expert e-teachers here are reaching out to thousands of students on a skill-based course. Do not go to a specific institution to do OEC courses. Anyone able to do online courses with the help of the internet.
In the initiative of Ishtiaque Sayem, in 2015, only 3 courses were started with the RAPTO. Now there are more than 100 courses in this online education center. Among the premium categories, there are Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, CPA Marketing, Graphic Design, Public Speaking, Spoken English, Web Development and other courses. If you have minimum computer skill you can do this courses and build your successful career.
There are also a number of basic courses in skill development, programming, which a student can get free.
Mr. Ishtiaque Sayem told the Bengali Tribune that we use special software to upload video content. We also assist the students with DVDs and skype classes.
All the staff of the reporter said that freelancing, marketing, learning about other tech courses, as the students are developing their own experiences, will help in reducing the country’s unemployment rate by reducing the number of unemployment, will play an important role in making Digital Bangladesh.
RAPTO Partner and Media Communications Officer Mr. Ahsan Mahmud think that currently, this online company is working in nearly 200 e-teachers, one hundred affiliate marketers and 20 management teams. Among the e-teachers, able personalities such as Don Samdani, Tajdin Hasan, Abid Niaz, Sohan Haider
RAPTO founder Ishtiaq Siam said on the future plan that Turkey, USA, India, and other sub-continent countries are leading the online education sector. Bangladesh also wants to see this list. RAPTO is the main objective of the country’s population to develop skilled manpower in various modern technical matters.

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