Pregnant women care and 11 tips for healthy pregnancy


Pregnancy is a very important topic for all women. When a woman is pregnant for the first time, she has many things to do, unknown to some unknown information, sometimes many prejudices are tried to impose on her mother. When a woman is pregnant, it is very important to take care of her physical and mental health. Following some general guidelines, the potential for mothers to get better pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby can be greatly increased. Below are a few things about pregnant mother care.


Make a pre-natal checkup

After pregnancy, the pregnant woman should go to the doctor for advice on pregnancy immediately after pregnancy. If the mother is pregnant, it is possible to prevent and treat her complications during her pregnancy. As a result, the physical and mental health of the mother and the pregnant baby can be very sure.

Whenever you know that you are pregnant, you should meet any gynecologist as soon as possible. If you have not yet decided whether you are with a doctor during the entire pregnancy, consult with someone about pregnancy. It is not that the person you go to for the first time will always have to go. You can shift to your preferred doctor at any time.

Most doctors decide on your first meeting day, in the eighth week of your pregnancy. Many people can see you earlier if you have any medical conditions, there is a problem with previous pregnancy, vaginal bleeding, stomach ache or a lot of vomiting.

The first meeting may be a lot longer. So get ready to be in the long run. If possible, try to bring your partner along. Whatever you think about pregnancy, do not hesitate to ask the doctor. If necessary, you can write your questions on paper. If you think it is important to inform the doctor, of course, please tell.


Start eating a balanced diet

According to many, a pregnant mother should eat two meals. That’s not right. Because there is a relation between having extra food intake. In case of overweight mothers, the birth of a baby or small child is more. However, whatever the food, it should be nutritious. For this, all the components of food should be present in the daily diet.

Every woman of the adult needs a daily diet of 21-60 kg-calories, but more than 350 kilograms of calories is needed than a pregnant woman. Otherwise, the child suffers from malnutrition and is born with less weight.

Pregnant mother will take normal food. But there should be balanced food in the food list. Fish, meat, eggs, milk, and food every day. The growth of the embryo requires a lot of calcium. Milk contains plenty of calcium. There is no substitute for vegetables to protect against constipation.

During pregnancy, some foods should be excluded, such as raw eggs, milk, raw or semi-perfect meat, raw papaya, pineapple, some marine fish, so that there is excessive mercury.


Take pre-natal vitamins

Most pre-natal supplements have more folic acid and iron than normal multivitamin which are very important during pregnancy.

It is recommended to accept 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid at least one month before pregnancy. Sometimes unplanned pregnancies can occur. Therefore, we should start receiving this amounts of folic acid immediately after marriage or at the appropriate age of pregnancy. If some experts are pregnant, the amount of folic acid acceptance is about 600 micrograms per day.

If you take regular multivitamin, check the label to see if there is sufficient amounts of folic acid. If there is no necessary folic acid in it, you can change it with expert advice or accept different folic acid supplements. However, never get more than 1000 micrograms of Folic Acid without expert advice.

During pregnancy, you need to be careful about whether your body is getting enough iron. Generally, the demand for iron in the second and third trimester increases significantly, causing enamia to occur. However, consult a specialist before taking any supplement.


Take regular exercise

Adequate exercise is quite beneficial due to the rules of pregnancy. Though you think of an unconscious child at the time of your pregnancy, you need to exercise. But this time the exercise will not be like any other time. During this time, exercise must be understood. You can do all kinds of exercise in the first few months of Pregnancy. But walking is the best exercise. And whatever you do, you must follow the advice of a good instructor so that no problem arises.

Pregnancy brings a great change in the life of a woman. Change comes in his body-mind. Body changes, fitness problems put many women in grief. Many people suffer from depression but you will get rid of these problems if the balance work out. A fairly balanced exercise is very beneficial for both the mother and the baby in the womb. There are other benefits that will encourage a pregnant woman to exercise this time.

Before starting the exercise make sure that your pregnancy is not risky. It is better to choose an exercise based on the needs of the pregnant mother, the age, the environmental benefits, time limitations, and the mental tendency. However, before any exercise, we must start with the advice of experienced physiotherapist or a specialist in gynecology.


Have enough rest

A pregnant mother needs some extra rest and sleep to give birth to a healthy baby. Essential for a minimum of 10 hours of sleep for a couple of hours with sleep for 2 hours a day. If you cannot sleep at noon, take a short rest on the sofa or bed on top of your feet. Relaxation techniques, such as yoga, stretching, massage, deep breathing, all these things will help you sleep at night and keep you free of stress.


Avoid drug addiction

If these bad habits are there then the time to stop it. Many studies have shown that these habits have the potential for abortion, premature labor, and low birth weight. If there is a habit that will not be used to smoke the mother in any situation during pregnancy, then the child will have to leave it at that moment for the good of the child. Smoking in front of a pregnant mother may also cause the child to be damaged. The mothers who have the habit of drinking must be away from this habit. Due to pregnancy, consumption of alcoholic beverages can be caused by permanent damage to the child.

It is not very easy to quit these habits. So, discuss this with your doctor.


Control the amount of caffeine taken

Although coffee is effective for fatigue, it should be reduced in pregnancy. Tea, coffee, etc. have caffeine. It is not okay to take more than 200 grams of caffeine daily. Low-weight children are born as a result of extra caffeine. Incidents like miscarriage can happen.

There is no nutritious material in caffeine, which is necessary during pregnancy rather it binds the body to absorb iron, which is less likely to be in the mother’s body during pregnancy. There may also be sleep problems due to an extra caffeine.

Remember caffeine is not only tea, coffee. Caffeine also contains soda, black tea, green tea, and various painkillers. So check the label before eating anything.


Take care of the dentist

Many pregnant women suffer from teeth and gums problems. There are some reactions in the teeth and the rump due to changes in hormonal changes in the female body during pregnancy. As a result of this reaction, approximately 50-70% of pregnant pimples are affected by inflammation. The inflammation of gummy is called ‘pregnancy gingivitis’ in medical science. During this time, the food grains stored in tooth and straw, which can easily transform into dental plaque due to the hormone effect. And due to these problems, the normal growth of the baby’s pregnancy is also hampered.

To deal with it, it is important to do regular teeth brassing and flossing from the start of the pregnancy, so that the dental plaque may not be created. Before a pregnancy, a dentist should check the teeth and gums. If there is a problem with the tooth, then it should be treated and diagnosed immediately. If there is a calculus (stone) in the teeth, it should be scaled with the machine. If the tooth has cavities, then it should be filtered. Because in many cases, after this hole, it becomes deeper to severe pain in the teeth. There may also be wit dental problems.


Be careful of mental health

If the amount of stress and anxiety of the pregnancy of the woman is higher than normal, it can trigger depression and other mental health problems during pregnancy. One study found that about 33 percent of women had suffered depression during pregnancy. Most of them are born without any medical or proper care. The effect of which is on newly born stranger. Mothers who suffer from depression or mental unrest face a variety of psychological problems, so early pregnancy women should recognize the symptoms of depression and take proper steps to remedy them.

Remember that sadness is a disease, it is not of anybody’s will. The more amazing holes, many mothers were affected during pregnancy. One in ten people can be depressed during pregnancy. But the amount is much more because the mother with much depression does not want to hunt or inform.

Without this kind of depression, it is unlikely that you will be correct. However, most people feel normal after a few months or years of treatment. In most cases women are indifferent to such problems. But this is not the case. Remember, your mental well-being is equally important for the birth of a healthy baby like your physical fitness. So, if you think that you are suffering from depression during pregnancy, consult a doctor without delay.


Beware of traveling

Pregnant women need some extra caution during travel anytime. If you do not take too many precautions, the baby may be damaged. In addition, pregnant women also have the possibility of harm to the body. Therefore, it should be very careful about travel.


Be careful about the weight gain

Weight gain during pregnancy is a normal process and it is beneficial for both mother and child. The exact amount of weight gain during pregnancy is very important for the health of the mother and the baby in the womb. Depending on how much your weight will increase at this time, depending on how much your weight was before pregnancy. The amount of increase in weight of this person may be lower.

In most cases, this increase is between 10 to 12.5 kg. As much as the weight of the pregnancy increases, after 20 weeks of its more increases. Because of this, the weight of the pregnant baby increases during this time, as well as your body also accumulates excess fat. The body does this task as a preparation for breastfeeding after the baby is born. During pregnancy, the weight gain cannot increase or increase the weight properly, both of you and your pregnant baby may be harmful. So we have to try to control the weight.


Hope every woman remembers these tips and will help themselves to grow their own children well. A healthy baby can give birth to a healthy mother. So take care of pregnant mothers and give birth to healthy babies.

Best wishes for all


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