The Daily Stormer and CNN


I am not interested in far right so much, to be constantly monitoring far right sites, but luckily I was engaged in reading The Daily Stormer exactly when famous ‘Unite the Right’ took place in Charlottesville in Aug. 12, 2017. It is famous not because of demonstration, but because of Dodge Challenger’s driver, that deliberately drove the car into a crowd killing one and injuring 19. Actually it was very interesting to know how such things evolve. The first thing I have noticed was the difference how all this was presented by CNN and The Daily Stormer. Besides the event is really tragic, the events that have lead to this are even more important. Just few sources: CNN,The Daily Stormer, CBS News.

CNN (article):

“Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, speaking Sunday at a prayer rally in Charlottesville, renewed his calls for white supremacists to leave the city”… “Let’s be honest, they need to leave America, because they are not Americans,”. “Earlier, rally organizer Jason Kessler blamed law enforcement officers for the violence over the weekend in which a woman was killed and more than 30 people were injured.

He then tried to give a news conference at city hall but was chased away by counter-protesters, who all but drowned him out as he tried to speak.”

CBS News (article):

“The protest turned violent well ahead of the rally’s official noon start time.”, “Jason Kessler, the organizer behind the “Unite the Right” rally, told CBS News he plans to sue the city for violating a court order permitting the rally to be held in the park.” “Our First Amendment rights were violated today,” Kessler said by phone. He said the city of Charlottesville and McAuliffe violated the court ruling because they “didn’t like the outcome.”

The Daily Stormer talking about killed woman: “Fat, Childless 32-Year-Old Slut”(sorry, could not find the article in The Daily Stormer, citation from other sources). [I have found it (link is here)]

What organization is anti-fa and what status do it has? As police officers? They can stop what is aloud by court? Isn’t it weird?

CNN, you have forgotten to mention that anti-fa tried to stop march by force, when it was organized having permission of court??? Are you fools or hypocritical? Is this your real face?

Now well, conclusions:

CNN and CNN-like media is the force, that is strong enough to be among the most influential news services and effectively screams … yes, … the fake news. It acts like suppressor for all mild right people, thus making far right the only force which is clearly visible and audible. But they are kept leftists also… By the way, I think that the day of foundation of CNN should be celebrated as lairs day, when everybody can lie, especially media and authorities (but the lie must be in that special CNN way). CNN doubtlessly are making their way to the history. This is one of the forces that is working hard to create problems for future as big as possible, deepens the future inevitable conflict by being impotent to be honest and to recognize reality as it is, even when you don’t like it or are not expert in things that had evolved.

The Daily Stormer is some stupid trolling site who doesn’t care about what they say and what is the value of the ideas they spread and how it can affect people.

Few more examples: Article: Trump Issues Statement Condemning Evil McCainist Congressional Anti-Russia Law. “Excluding the brain tumor, everything is coming up roses for the traitor John McCain.”(link).

Call the White House and Tell Them NO WAR IN SYRIA – DO IT NOW! (link).

Terrorist Whale Heather Heyer to be Given a Special FLOAT in the Rose Parade! (link)
Heather Heyer is a Charlottesville victim. You are who you are… That’s The Daily Stormer.
Whoever is your friend, the wisdom isn’t. It supports mister Putin without any argument, denies his USA president election meddling without any argument, insults political opponents within USA. This leaves no way to retreat, but repeat and repeat that one is bad and another is good without any relation to reality.