Top ten affiliate program

Top ten affiliate program

If you want to be an affiliate marketer, you must attach to the affiliate program. We discuss here some famous affiliate network. Most of the companies around the world are now dependent on affiliate marketers for their product sales. And with the help of affiliate marketers and companies, the world-famous affiliate programs like Amazon, eBay, Click Bank, do the work of bridging.

Basically, these affiliate programs work as a mediator between the customers and the seller of the product. Both sides benefit from this. Suppose, you are an affiliate marketer, you have a website and you have associated this website with the Amazon Affiliate Program. So, in line with your website’s topic, Amazon will promote products from various companies on your website. And Amazon will send a percentage of the number of products sold through your website.

Affiliate marketing is a relatively unique method for bloggers and website owners in online income. Since an affiliate is not compelled to sell its own products here, rather than advertising the company’s products, there is very little profit in the non-profitable business because there is a commission.

Affiliate marketing is not required to spend any money to get affiliate marketing. It is possible to get full free sign-up from the affiliate program. There are so many online affiliate programs around the world. From there, the best 10 affiliate programs are being discussed today.

The best affiliate program

An affiliate program or affiliate network works on all kinds of activities including the tracking, reporting, payment acceptance and distribution of the product and product sale of the company on your blog or website. Here you are completely free as a publisher or affiliation, your payment secured level is 100 percent. There are 3 models or 3 types of methods for payment.


That is the most popular payment model of affiliate programs. Through this model, an affiliate marketer will send the buyers to the merchants’ website through externally linking from their own website. It shows that 99% of the visitors purchase the product from the merchant’s website. In contrast to every purchase, the businessman gives the affiliate to the affiliate marketer.

There are two models in the case of commission. A model is a percentage where the affiliate receives an amount based on the product’s rate. Another is a fixed rate, where the product rate is lower / more, there is a fixed rate agreement with affiliate marketers. That is, the affiliates for each cell get the same amount of payment.


This model is also a very popular affiliate business deal with affiliate programs and affiliate marketers. Under this agreement, the pay-per-scale second model also includes. That means here too you get a fixed amount for each sell. But the important part is that, through this model, you will be required to pay your payment if you send the buyers to the website of the merchant’s website or you do not buy them. That means, the fixed rate of your business with the trader will be determined, the businessman will pay you according to the rate. It’s not important to be sold here. Whether it is sold or not, it does not matter to you. You will receive your payment.


This model is also popular to many peoples, especially to affiliate marketers. Traders generally do not want to contract in this model. Because, the rules of this model if visitors come to your website and signup, then you can get payment from the traders. There is a buyer buy the product or not its matter.

You have become aware of how affiliate marketing works, how to earn from here, and through which model you can contract with the affiliate program. So, if you have a blog or website, join today’s anyone in the following affiliate network.

Top ten affiliate program

01. Clickbank

For the affiliate marketing, this network is said to be huge and it has been reigning for almost 17 years. It has the importance of delivering digital information. Clickbank has approximately 6 million unique products and its customer base is around 200 million in the worldwide.

02. LinkShare

This network, comprising about 10 million affiliate partners, is one of the largest affiliate networks. In 2012, it gained the first position in the Blue Book on the first 20 affiliate networks for strong platforms, support quality, and international competence.

LinkShare offers affiliate programs at over 2,500 from which you can work on any one of your choices. Or you can manage your own program using the company’s services and support options.

03. Commission Junction

Although operated all over the world, it is considered to be North America’s largest affiliate marketing network. In order to establish the best relationship between business, network, and affiliate, it has achieved the second position in the top 20 affiliate networks in 2012.

04. Rakuten

Directly said that, has a lot of G-gantic presence in affiliate marketing. Rakuten is one of the top three companies in the e-commerce company. It is operated with more than 90,000 products from 38,500 shopkeepers. Its customer base is more than 18 million.

05. ShareAsale

ShareAsale has been in the Affiliate Marketing Network for nearly 15 years. Its technology has earned reputation for speed, efficiency and above all.

06. Amazon Association

There is nothing new to introduce to the Affiliate Marketing Network. This is an American electronic commerce company headquartered in Seattle of Washington. This is the biggest of America’s internet based retailers.

07. eBay

Many marketers are not yet familiar with eBay. But it has been involved in affiliate marketing for almost 20 years. eBay Partner Network provides first class tools, tracking, reporting.

08. Avangate

It is associated with Digital Commerce Affiliate Networking. Its main focus is online commerce, subscription billing, global payment software, SaaS and online service companies. It operates about 4,000 digital businesses (Absolute Software, Bitdefender, Brocade, FICO, HP Software, Kaspersky Lab, Telestream, Spyrix, Clever Control etc) in more than 180 countries.

09. RevenueWire

RevenueWire is a global commerce platform company (e.g Clickbank) designed for those who sell digital products. It has strong platforms in about 120 countries.

10. Avantlink

Avantlink is ahead in the Leading Technology on the Affiliate Marketing Network. One of the characteristics of this is that the quality is greater than the number here. There are always included new tools.

In addition, to the mentioned affiliate networks, there are many more affiliate networks online. To help you find out, the 10 selected options are discussed here. Being a successful affiliate joining the affiliate program is just a matter of time.