True love is three time


Suddenly, the coffee mugs got stuck out of hand. Fraying on the floor broke. On seeing this, Shuvora remembered the first love was broken in this way. Suddenly The word of breaking was just in the heart. Then came the love again. But it did not last long.

Looking at pieces of broken mugs, white seems to come again and again! No consequence, the first love touch is what can be forgotten!

Maybe not! But like experts, there comes three times pure love in a person’s life. The rest are retail accounts.

It is reported in a related report on the relationship between human life and love. Someone saddles, someone goes away with sadness. Someone wants to stand beside me, somebody may even stand beside us, but if we want to stand beside them, we should push them away.

In all these stories, love is actually three times pure. The rest will not be counted.

Love like fairytale

The first love in almost everyone’s life is very young. When everything in the world is colorful then it seems like the first love of life is a fairy tale. Believe in the myths about childhood, it is believed that young people also have love in their lives. In this age of love, the attention of the partner. Smaller problems do not want to catch up. For the sake of relations, I remember that life is the same. The reality is far away. As much as it feels from outside, attraction to the partner is more deep-felt.

Actually, the love of this young age teaches life-minded people as important in the world around us.

When love is complex

Well, it’s okay, the first love does not bite. Then there will not be love. Absolutely not. Many will love Yet many of them would need to be more different. And if that happens after the first love broke, then hold on to the second will be a complex complex.

In this love, there is an attempt to be more careful in the light of past experiences. In the selection of the partner, the mind becomes stubborn. In the long run, a man who is completely opposite to the first mate was found.

Whatever is true or false, try to have a good relationship. However, the problem is that every step leads to greater failure. And this drama happens suddenly.

In many cases, these minor failures have broken into second love. Thought goes in different fields. I think it was better than this alone. Or find someone else in the mind. Many, however, want to go back to the first love. However, this complex love of the second stage teaches us how important love and love are to our lives.

Turned to love

When we are tired of waiting, we start thinking about leaving the boat to float in the sea for the sake of running life, just after the third love stepped in the heart and angle. This love appeared to be a kind of unwanted person before understanding something. And true love does not match the idea that the mind is in it. There is no such thing that this relationship will be perfect. But understanding the relationship, trying to understand both, feeling at the extraordinary moment only with feeling – a relationship that can not be expressed in words.

At this level of life, there is no special demand in the age of adulthood. Trying to save the rest of life is the best way to survive. Do not waste time in order to perfect quality love or love. So no matter what the partner is doing at this time, it does not work for any change. He is ready to accept whatever he is, we love him. Actually, the same views are available from the partner. So it is said that this loving love teaches us that love does not need to be perfect. Rather, the relationship between the reality and the bonding of the relationship can be floated together in the sea.

Footnote – Let’s take a moment to understand what love is going on in your life. First, second or last! Or is it with the retail account?