What is XML Sitemap? How to create a sitemap in WordPress?

What is XML Sitemap? How to create a site map in WordPress?

You have created a website, there is good content with very important information of each content, but you are not getting visitors. If there is no profit from doing bad things, try it – of course, your success will come. Add your site to Google Webmaster Tools. What you also need to do more about is to add your WordPress site to Google Analytics. When you add your site to Google Webmaster Tools, you will be asked to add an XML Sitemap. What is this XML Sitemap? In today’s article, I will show you the XML Sitemap? And how to create a sitemap in WordPress? So stay us and read this article it is very much important for every website owners.

What is XML Sitemap?

XML sitemap is a method by which all the search engines are aware of regularly published articles on blogs or websites, and the updated search results can easily be understood by the search engines so that the blog or website has a good relationship with the search engine. These sitemaps created by XML so that it called XML Sitemaps.

What is WordPress XML Sitemap?

WordPress XML sitemap is a special type of plugin, which built on the WordPress platform. WordPress platform was created for the convenience of the users and the new plugins were constantly being created to make this platform easier. “Google XML Sitemap” plugin has been created to eliminate the complexity of creating sitemaps for blog users. WordPress XML Sitemap is a link to your website that will help others in search engines know that what you are doing on your site is new.

Why do we need XML Sitemap?

If you look at SEO’s point of view, the most important thing is this sitemap. If you do not submit your site’s sitemap somewhere, then your site will never appear in the search rankings. Your site pages will never be indexed. However, if the sitemap is submitted then this sitemap will help index the page.

Sitemap is a great tool for new websites or blogs. It is never possible for new blogs to create many backlinks for their separate posts. It is very difficult to bring blog posts to the front row in search engines. This sitemap allows your website to communicate with search engines more effectively. That’s why we urgently need to submit the sitemap of the site.

Now let’s see how to create a XML sitemap in WordPress?

There are many ways to create XML sitemap in WordPress. Today we will see how to create a sitemap using WordPress SEO by Yoast. You can install this plugin first on your site. WordPress SEO by Yoast is not enabled by default XML Sitemap, so it has to be enabled. For this, our SEO XML Sitemaps go here and check the box to enable XML sitemap functionality.

What is XML Sitemap? How to create a site map in WordPress?

When you enable it, some more options will be opened for you in this plugin, if you do not want to use them, then do it again. By clicking Save Settings at the end, click Exit. Now create a sitemap for your website or blogs.


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