Why France keeps thinking other European countries are fools ?


E. Macron has declared that Europe has to have its own army to defend Europe from Russia and the USA (or the USA and Russia).

It is usual to keep France to be unusual place, where lives unusual people. It declares to be nation of superior culture. Paris meets tourists with poster that says that there will not be McDonald’s fast food restaurants in the center of the city. There’s no McDonald in the street where the poster is, but fast food sales are soaring in France. If one had to guess how many McDonald fast food places are in each European country, France would be considered to have least of such places. And that would be just not true.

Most McDonald’s Restaurants: 1. The United States – 14,146 locations, 2. Japan – around 2,900 locations, 3. China – around 2,500 locations, 4. Germany – 1,480 locations, 5. Canada – 1,450 locations, 6. France – 1,419 locations, 7. The United Kingdom – 1,274 locations, 8. Australia – 920 locations, 9. Brazil – 812 locations, 10. Russia – 649 locations (source). What is the sense to talk about McDonald in France? The sense is that there are much more complicated controversies about France. This is only preface.

The true thing :

One more recent story is about Belgium will to buy American stealth fighter jets F-35. What is Macron’s opinion about that?

Here it is: “The decision was linked to a Belgian procedure and the country’s political constraints, but strategically it goes against European interests,”… On Friday the European aerospace consortium Airbus also said it took note of Belgium’s decision not to choose the Eurofighter Typhoon with “sincere regret”.

Airbus, the manufacturer of Typhoon fighter jets suppose that Belgium should choose its future project. In buying Typhoons, Belgium could have eventually joined the French-German Future Combat Air System, aimed at developing next-generation jets to start replacing current Eurofighter and Rafale jets starting in 2035. Belgium should choose future plans over real fighter jet. It is just because the most peace loving antimilitaristic-antiamerican France loves to be pacifistic and best military ally at the same time.

Macron loves to be more humane then Trump but that is Europe coasts that are covered with corpses of drowned migrants. What Emanuel Macron thinks about that? Now well he is worried very much. (French are very humane and are worrying quiet often). And second, he can not understand how D. Trump can be so rude to illegal migrants in the USA that are banned to pass border. They should be drowned in European style?!

What does Macron think about Russia is creating weapons and violating the 1987 Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces treaty? He thinks that the main victim of the withdrawal is Europe. And yes, there’s no problem that Russia has been violating it for long time. Trump has no right to withdraw from treaty even when nobody else is observing it. Does this has any sense? Where is Macron’s logic? (link)

France is enthusiastically involved into Africa security but clearly leaks any understanding in Eastern Europe security problems. Macron doesn’t see big problem about the war in Ukraine, or about Russia’s intelligence using chemical weapons in NATO ally UK. (Now well, it is quite hard for French to call UK ally as there were war with UK few hundred years ago or so). He and Merkel insists on creating European army independent from NATO commandment. Nobody knows what exactly this army will do. It’s task should be protecting European countries, but there’s a problem. What from to protect?

Russia invading another sovereign country in Europe is not an enemy (Who would dare to call Russia an enemy?). Another potential opponent for Macron is China. It is not a hard task. Army of 10 soldiers can cope with that task, they can even go on a picnic and do not care about guns to take. China is far away, and Macrons political ambitions and capabilities hardly reach France borders. North Africa smugglers and ISIS terrorists traffickers do think that their influence reaches far away from Africa to Nice’s roads and Charly Hebdo headquarters in Paris and they are right.

They do not carry ISIS member certificate, thus leaves no chance for France intelligence to stop them without risk to stop one innocent refugee. It would be an incredible offense to control countries borders. So it is left for North Africa smugglers and ISIS good will. There’s no possible solution. At least Europe’s elite doesn’t see it. Proud and arrogant Western Europe leaders do not accept illegal migrants as a multidimensional problem. It is a sign of bad education if you think that you can not open your house’s door for the man who probably is a killer.

You should have not deniable proof that he is a killer, or just watch how he is making his order in your house. There’s no other way, no other view. Political elite does not know it. Some people know, but they probably are xenophobic. There’s no need to prove that they are xenophobic. They are. That’s all you should know. Xenophobia is a very strange word. Every fool wants to use it, but no one wants to understand why people wants to live among people who speaks the same language and have similar values and culture.

You clearly need to survive few hard decades till China will course problems to the Europe. For now you can do absolutely nothing to avoid Chinese invasion, mainly because of its collision with it’s (and Macron’s Europe’s) worst enemy – the USA.

And now about the USA as an Europe enemy. If you announce an enemy the most powerful country and most faithful ally, you do not become more powerful yourself. Are there any other reason to oppose the USA excluding arrogance? Trying to look enthusiastic and proactive and having no ideas and no vision about the future of Europe is pathetic.

Can Europe be the equal partner or opponent, if you want, to USA? Yes it can. It can have sense, I agree, seriously. It would be nice to live in Europe knowing that it is leading region, not second or third, after US or China. Can Macron be the leader of leading Europe? No way. If one wants to become leader it is not enough to say that another is bad leader, you should be leader yourself.

Can you imagine Macron as a leader? What is his vision? What is he fighting for? He is the president of rich and big country. How could this happen for Europe?