Why is it necessary to use a hijab or a sari pin?


If the hijab or sari pin is stuck in the airway it could bring life risks. Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital doctor Dr. Nurul Huda Nayeem informed that information. Recently, the hijab pin was stuck in the neck of Sumna Begum, a resident of Khadiman village of Zakiganj in Sylhet, without surgery. Nayme. He said, “We have removed it through Broncos-pope after confirming the location of the pin through X-ray.” But he did not say it was the first, he said.

“Three or four months ago, we had a mechanical treatment for the car. When working with the car pin, the small pin was trapped in the airway. ” More such cases have been seen recently, said Dr. Nayme. And after that he gave this warning as part of the awareness.
Behaviorist Jebun Nahar said, “A pin is not in the hands of customers to wear sarees or other clothes. Put another face. ” But till now the pin did not get trapped in the airway.
He said, “I did not know that there could be such a big danger if swallowing a pin. I know now. Be careful in the future. ” Tanzim Muniyat wearing the hijab since 2011 He said that he never kept pins in the face of hijab.

She said, “Many people use Safe Pin, Tailoring Pin or Bobby Pin and then use them. But I do not have it because I have an OCD. ” “I put a small hand pillow or cotton ball in place of dressing. So that the pins are gutted. Before I could put a disc or a box. But to get it out, poke it, “he said. But from now on use these pins will be more careful and warn others.

How to pin the pin in the neck?

Dr. Nayeem said he has been treated several times until he has been treated for obstructing pin in the throat air pipe. “When something stuck in the neck suddenly, we did two things. First, pull the breath and pull it inside. As a result, it goes straight to the airway. ”

“And secondly, try to get involved. But it takes a little time to swallow the mouth and swallow it. And this time the object goes into the airway, “he said. Responding to a question that could be detrimental to the obstruction of the pin in the airway, he said that the part of the airway which was stuck due to the pins was swollen. There is a time when there is infection. “Plancks become ineffective. As a result the wind does not reach. Inflammation increased greatly. Even that part can become like a boil. ” Most of our country’s women wear pins in the face while using them and then use them.

“Suddenly, if it goes from the mouth to the neck, it can be a serious hazard,” he said. He said, “We want to say that this bad habit can bring life to life. May bring the possibility of a big loss. ” He also urged not to do anything to stop him from doing anything, he said.