Winter fashion by the street


Light fog cloths and no fan running in the house are telling that the winter has come. They are roaming in the house. Winter clothing has started closing. Winter clothing has come to big stores. There are no shops left in the street and vans. The interesting thing is that these fashion shops are available in fashion shops. Due to the garment sector of Bangladesh, many of the world’s most popular brands are made in garments. In the market of the capital, the clothing that comes out due to a slight flaw or any other reason that the buyer can cancel.


There is a demand for street fashion in the whole world. The fashion-conscious youth of Bangladesh also regularly stops in these markets, especially in winter clothes. Among these markets, Badruddoza Market, Bangabazar, New Super Market, on the opposite side of Dhaka College, are more fame. Buyers choose the most beautiful costume for themselves at low prices. It requires only a little extra time and fashion sense.


Sharmin Akhtar also said that. After completing his studies, he is now trying to get his job. He was looking for a sweater for himself. He said, “The cold clothes available to girls in the street shops, and it is really so beautiful. It is like picking clothes that go with my personality. It also saved money. ‘ In the past, where she had to fight the winter with sheets, now the place has grabbed the hat and gesture. There is a big overcoat with you will find many different designs, different colors and different types of clothing, while looking for shops in the street.

Winter Fashion By The Street

When you turn around the market, you will find many cool and trendy winter clothes in different brands. Some of them are exported outside the country at a high price. Ork Sharif, the seller of Nandita Fashion of Nurjahan Market, said that good clothes made available for export outside the country are available here.


Short blazers, short sleeves, short coats, full-sleeve jackets, sleeveless jackets, wool clothing, blazers, sweaters, and long sleeves are available in street shops. There are round tops or necklaces, winter tops, and punch. There is always a hoody or hoodless sweater.

Do not need more money to make yourself fashionable, just need fashion senses, so think Tanjima Elham. According to him, it can be seen that, with less money to attract itself, it is understood by looking at the clothes sold on the street. With a long winter dress, a small belt on the waist can sometimes enhance the style of multiplication.


In some markets of Dhaka, you will find some good brand clothing. Here at a very low price. Bahauddin, another vendor of Nurjahan Market, said that every time there is a difference in winter fashion. This time too many new clothes were brought. There is a new type of punch or cab sweater. Earlier it was wool. Now that’s it, but there is a change in clothes and styles. Winter dresses have been made to suit some light winter.


If you have only a little bit of fashion and clothes, then you can choose from these markets safely. Then just show yourself the turn.


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