Write an article to earn money

Write an article to earn money

If you have the ability to write well in English and you are skilled or experienced in any matter, then you can earn easily by writing articles. How? Read-

Site Name – What Culture: Honor – 25 to 500 dollars

Two friends sitting in England first started blogging about the topic “Fatigue in the film”. Gradually the popularity of their sites continued to grow, as well as the blog issue, and Google Adsense is going to enter pockets. Later, they turned blogs into a magazine.

The site with the 5909 Alexa Rank is now the most popular site in the world. Now they do not write a lot about themselves, collect notes from others. And the exchange of obsolete coins as an exchange.

But this honor you will not get after writing. You have to wait for one month. After a month, how much will you see in the page view? If the page view is 1000, you get 50 pounds. 100 pounds for 2000 page views. As the page view continues to grow, your honor will increase as well. The page view of a popular article on the site is up to 7 thousand. In addition, its author was then honored with about 350 Pounds.

What to write

<> Movies, TVs, games, Sports etc.

<> News based articles or listing based writing will get priority.

How to write

<> Check out the types of published texts here http://whatculture.com

<> There is no relevant experience or special quality for writing. But what is needed is – excellent creativity, other insights to detail deeper into the text, deep emotional writing and writing on time.

<> It is necessary to write a complete text, not copy paste from someone’s text.

<> The field of the listing must be at least 1500 words.

<> When the article is published, you have to share the post on your own Facebook and Twitter profile.

Site name – Cracked: Honor – 100 to 200 dollars

Cracked is basically a humor site. If you are a smart, funny and creative person, then Cracked gives you an opportunity to write an article and earn cash.

No previous experience is required for writing. If you write well they will honor you.

What to write

<> If you are a worm to watch TV and movie and you know enough about it, then you can write about TV-movies.

<> You listen to songs, singing and well-researched about artists; You can write about them.

<> Are you a good graphics designer? You can submit a tutorial on design and publish it in Infographics.

<> If you have funny videos in your collection or not, but if you make funny videos by submitting a fun description by submitting the funny video, Crackdad will give you the same honor. I understand, the site name is cracked, the owner also feels cracked.

How to write

<> Please register first. Then “Click on the Writer’s Workshop” button that will take you to the Massage Board page where your article will be submitted.

<> Fix a background of writing, write ideas, and specify five sub-topics. Then give your entire article.

<> At the beginning, you will be given $ 100 for every article.

<> After writing five articles you have written, you will start paying $ 200 for each article.

<> If your article can come in the top of the site’s rank and visitor’s top ten, you will be given a further $ 100 bonus.

<> And if they can participate in the “Photoshop Competition” every week, then you will be given a hundred dollar extra.

Click here for register http://www.cracked.com/write-for-cracked

Site name – Strong Whisperer: Honor – 50 to 150 dollars

Strong Whisperer is a site that works to create equality between rich and poor in the world. The main focus of this site, especially for those who are deprived of various facilities like poor, rich, encouraging them to grow bigger, teaching life-style techniques and showing the path of income. You can also take part in this and here you can earn 50 dollars by writing an article

Sting Whisper invites you to tell others your opinion about any topic or to spread your knowledge in some other way. So, write here and earn well.

Write an article to earn money

What to write

<> You can write about business and business, offer business advice.

<> If you are a culture lovers, you can write about culture.

<> You can write a problem in the field of employment, a way to succeed, a job-finding technique or your own experience while working, which can be beneficial for others.

<> If you have interest and knowledge in any movie or entertaining space, you can write about entertainment. Suppose you watched many horror movies, you can write about them – titled “The Best 10 Hours of All Time Movie”.

<> You can also write about nature, online income, politics, games, even about travel.

How to write

<> First go to Strong Whisper’s home page (http://strongwhispers.com/) and see what kind of articles they are publishing.

<> Set yourself a topic, about which you know well.

<> Talk about your schedule, mail it to you about what you want to write about. Do not mistake your address line as well.

<> Remember, you do not need to mail your full text only to the title and the essence.

<> If you like your topic, they will confirm you by mail reply and invite you to write.

<> Then you have to send the whole text. If you get a discount from the Review Board, your article will be published and you will be given the above mentioned honor.

So, select your suitable site and read carefully there terms and condition. Then find your chooseable topics for writing. And star article writing with your best try, when complete your writing then submit them. If your article is published then you succeed and just wait for the honorarium. Start today and earn money from the online platform.


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